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In the not so distant past, HR professionals were the few unlucky souls whose job profile included miscellaneous administrative jobs and other sundry tasks that no one wanted to do. It was more or less a thankless job where no bouquets or accolades could be expected.

However, in the past two decades, things have changed. Today, HR has emerged as a profession in its own right, with more and more people electing to pursue a career in the field. In fact, this field has evolved to such an extent that today organizations in India actually have the option of either meeting their human resource needs in-house or even outsourcing services if and when they choose to.

But what exactly is the function of an HR professional?

Simply stating, the job of the HR professional is to manage the human resources of the organization. In other words, HR manages an employer’s relations with his/her employees and is charged with ensuring easy transitions into and out of the company and a pleasant stay while there. Dogbert may not be the archetype of most HR managers, unlike what Scott Adams may like us to believe. 

Originally called Personnel (short for Personnel Management), the term was extended to Human Resource Management. The way HR is defined today is as an umbrella term that encompasses Personnel Management and Industrial Relations.

Human Resource Management deals with the "soft" aspects of the employer-employee relationship while the Industrial Relations branch handles the "hard" aspects.

HR work is shaped by several conditions in the workplace. People change jobs frequently. Benefit programs attract and keep employees in a competitive job market, so they are sophisticated and complex. Employment policies must take into account court decisions and legislation pertaining to a wide range of issues,age, race, and disability discrimination; health and safety requirements; employment security; confidentiality; and sexual harassment, to name a few.


Expect the Unexpected
This is a field where new legislation, new management panaceas, complex relationships, and impossible timetables present constant intellectual demands. The job involves a lot of firefighting and selling new methods and approaches to top management.


All this has complicated the work of HR, increased its workload, and made HR important to employers. Today, the top HR officer in a corporation is usually a key member of the executive team, sitting right alongside his or her counterparts in research, finance, operations, strategy, and sales and marketing.


 So, what core abilities are the hallmark of the HR professional? In order to fulfill the role of the perfect support, an HR professional has to possess a wide gamut of qualities. The HR professional has to be an analytical whiz, a natural seller of ideas and concepts, a good listener and a shrewd judge of people at the same time. Ultimately, human resources requires that an individual working in this field find it more satisfying to work with people than with products. 


Sweet - The Pros

People, Not Product
The job is a rewarding one for those who enjoy working with people and solving people problems. HR jobs put you in a place where you can have a clear impact on the lives and happiness of others. Moreover, this industry attracts a friendly band of professionals who tend to behave in a considerate manner. They're typically happy to help with assistance, referrals, or ideas - or to just listen when that's what's needed. 


An HR professional is never bored. On a typical day one might have to schedule interviews, counsel a problem employee, help a new hire get a loan, plan a departmental function, create a memo for the general manager about employee punctuality, and so on. 


Crucial Function
Besides, HR often plays crucial roles in facilitating management changes, organising a company reorganisation, helping set new management priorities, and in planned or unplanned job rotation. 



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anurudhr on 06/26/10 at 06:52 pm

Hi ,This is Anurudh Raghunath and I Have abt 3 yrs of experience in bpo sector...I have completed my Masters in Human Resource Managment and looking for job oppurtunities in core hr side...Iam providing details of cv below..please find them...

Res Tele: 044-26182364
259/12,Anbu Colony,
Annanagar West
Chennai –600040
Mobile : +91 9962529069
Email id:

I look forward to associate myself with an organization where there is an opportunity to share, contribute and upgrade my knowledge, while serving efficiently to the requirements of the organization.

As a part of Bachelor of Corporate Secretaryship curriculum, I have done a project in ‘Hotel Asoka Private Limited’ for a period of 6 weeks.
My manager Mr Raghunathan was instrumental in introducing me to the various key departments like the personnel dept,purchase department ,sales department,accounts department,house keeping department,laundry services department etc..I was incharge of preparing the accounts of the company and also calculating the profit and loss ratios of the company which are a key indicator and basis taken for comparing the performance of the company with other companies and where does it stand at the end of the day.
The institutional training was a glorious opportunity for me to equip their knowledge with the actual application of the subject in various fields..It provided a glorious opportunity to showcase my knowledge to the outside world and I am thankfull to the Manager of ‘Hotel Asoka Private Limited’ without whose help the project wouldnt have been possible..

Worked as customer support officer in ‘Allsec technologies limited’ for a period of 1 year and 4 months..
During the course of my tenurity with ‘Allsec technologies limited’ My job role involved taking credit card surveys which would form the very basis on analyzing the customer service offered by our representatives..It also helped us in improving the quality of customer service offered by us..
Working as Senior Officer in ‘Wipro bpo’ for a period of 1 yr 5 months in Sears hro process
Wipro India Ltd – Wipro Bpo Solutions
Designation: U.S Payroll Support Analyst
Job profile:
Has been part of Supporting Human Resource Process – The company is an American mid-range chain of International Department Stores, 4th largest retailer in US, SEARS HOLDINGS CORPORATION(SHC) with 3,50,000 associates. We Support their Payroll issues for the associates of SHC across USA in all aspects following the company policies and procedures:
U.S. Payroll
Tier 1(HR Support Center)
Applications accessed:
• People Soft - Application that houses Associate’s Payroll and Employment records.
• HRQ Case Management System-All issues are documented on the Case Management System
• MS-Access 97 – Checking the Direct deposit recall and stop payment for the Missing checks
• MS Excel, PowerPoint and MS Word.

Analyzing the Payroll issues for the Associates
• Giving them a detailed advice and guidance on the checks processed.
• Directing the associates to the concerned department for the payroll issues in the form of cases
• Following up on the issue raised and providing them with the on call resolution
• Advising the HR/Manager on keying the associate’s details in the People Soft
• Intermediate to the agency, other government organization with the associates
• Directing the HR/Manager on associates involved in policy violation
• Processing termination payouts and WARN payouts to the associates
• Guiding them in tax exemptions and medical deductions
• Guiding them on updating their dependents details and getting the benefits
• Resolving the associate and manager level queries and escalations
• Processing Final Pay and Advance if the HR or Manager insists.
• Advising the status of the Lost and Reissued checks.
• Guiding the Hr/Manager to on Processing Stop payments and Recalls for the misdirected checks.
• Working on Email queries and responding with the resolution and following up on the same.
• Advising the HR/Manager via email on keying in new hires details, Processing advance, changing associates details in the People soft

Worked as an audit assistant in Thulisadaran&co for a period of 2 months and was incharge of handling the accounts and preparing the tax returns of the customers..The practical exposure to income tax was very helpful for me both physically and mentally and it also did me subsequent amt of good while I was preparing for my university exams…

Was awarded the ‘Employee of the month’ during my tenure with Allsec technologies limited.

Post-Graduation : M.A (Human Resources) – IInd Class
College : Loyola College, Chennai
University : Pondicherry University-Twinning Program
Year : 2006 – 2008

Post-Graduation Diploma : Financial Management-Ist Class
College : Loyola College,Chennai
University : Madras University
Year : 2006-2007

Graduation : B.Com (Bachelors in Corporate Secretaryship) – Ist Class
College : Vivekananda College, Chennai
University : University of Madras
Year : 2003 – 2006

XIIth : S.B.I.O.A Model Hr.Sec. School,
Annanagar West, Chennai
Stream : Commerce
Affiliation : State Board
Year : 2002 – 2003

Xth : Chinmaya Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School,
Annanagar West, Chennai
Affiliation : Central Board of Secondary Education
Year : 2000– 2001

Operating Systems : Windows 95

Date of Birth : 9th June 1985
Father’s Name : Late P.K Raghunath
Permanent Address : 259/12 Anbu Colony
Annanagar West,
Chennai – 600 040
Telephone No (Res) : 044-26182364
(Mob) : +91 9962529069
Languages known : Read – English, Hindi,Malayalam,French
Write – English, Hindi,French
Speak – English, Hindi, Tamil & Malayalam
Hobbies : Reading books
Playing Badminton,Cricket

I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to my knowledge and belief.