How to deal with tough interview questions

Editor - CoolAvenues | July 24,2013 01:22 pm IST

Recruiters have a number of questions in mind while they interview you like why are you engaging in a job search? New jobs are risky and stressful. What circumstances have led you to choose the unknown over the known? etc.

A bad answer to such questions may spoil your chances of cracking the job interview. However, a good answer will help you in landing your dream job.
Obviously everyone have their reasons of leaving job, but sharing those actual reasons might land you in problem, as those might give a negative impression about you. It is important to prepare to deal with such questions strategically, as your discomfort shown before the interviewer may land you in mess.

This may have interviewer wondering what you are trying to hide from him and he would certainly lose interest in you.

Here are some tips to deal with such situations:

1. Praise your current employer. Speak a little about your current employer—obviously nothing negative. Say something like you are lucky to have been given numerous opportunities by your current employer and you are sorry about leaving. But you are excited about the future too.

You shouldn’t either sound too flattering. Your response to the interviewer should communicate your ability to be a ‘game player’.

You should be able to protect the image of the company even if situations are worse. Do not let interviewer play the mind game.

2. Avoid discussing people. People generally leave job due to other people, but interviewers doesn’t like to hear that. That doesn’t communicate about your people skills, needed in most jobs. If the interviewer asks you about a negative thing about your current job then talk about outdated policies, inefficient processes, slow technology, etc.


3. Always focus on what you're moving toward. Focus on your future prospects with the company you are interviewing with. Be centered on the fact that you are moving on to a new and exciting role. This requires a subtle shift in language but its impact would be enormous.


4. Make it about self-improvement. You are ambitious if you seek for opportunities of bettering themselves.  


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