Interview shortcuts that would certainly land you a job

Editor - CoolAvenues | July 23,2013 12:45 pm IST

Preparing for an interview is truly a daunting process. It becomes even more challenging when you are short on time, but still want the job.

Follow the below mentioned three shortcuts to impress and put your best foot before the interviewer.

1. Define three main stories instead of preparing too many answers for different possible questions. Analyze your resume to pick three different work experiences that have been great and that would illustrate your skills for the job you have applied for. It is great to hear stories rather than typical answers, as they are more compelling. Whenever an interviewer asks a question, relate it to your stories.

This way you don’t have to remember all right answers to a myriad of potential questions

2. Interviewers generally make up their mind for you in a few fractions of seconds after the interview starts. According to experts, our words only account for 7 percent of how people judge us—the rest is based on presentation (33 percent) and body language (55 percent).

Strike a power pose before the interview starts. Head to a private place, raise your arms and spread your legs so that your body makes a large X. Hold this expansive, open pose for a minute or two.

3. Ask yourself, "Can I do this?" interrogate yourself a night before the interview. According to experts, it goes like this…

Can I do this? Well, yeah, they liked what they saw on my résumé and cover letter, so I've won half the battle. Can I do this? Yes, I've researched the company and know what its goals and vision. Can I do this? I've prepared for potential interview questions and practiced my answers. Can I do this? Yeah, I'm confident, have incredible experience that I can apply at the new company and would be a great culture fit for this position.

This way you actually begin to rehearse, begin to prepare and begin to summon your reasons for doing it.

Try these steps before going for the next job interview. They should certainly help. 


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