Is your E-mail ID hurting your job search?

Editor - CoolAvenues | September 22,2014 11:29 am IST

Is your perfect, customized resume not fetching you the desired results? Do you often wonder why even after submitting many job applications you are unable to receive your much awaited interview call. Well, this article might be able to clear your doubts.

Could it be your email address what’s hurting your job search? May be, if your email address is something like or may be or something on similar lines. Mails from such email addresses appear to be spam mails and thus are ignored by the recruiters.


Changing what’s before @ in one’s email id to something resembling ones real name can do wonders in your job search. This helps recruiters find your resume more easily in a search, and it also helps you portray a professional image.


If username can hinder your job search, domain name after @ can equally be detrimental. Having a Hotmail or Yahoo id can really prevent recruiters from hiring prospective employees, says a DailyWorth article.


A company executive in this article is quoted saying that candidates with these kinds of email addresses are “immediately eliminated.” The argument behind this is quiet valid, as candidates not having a Gmail or personal domain email accounts are often considered behind the times - more specifically for companies in technology sector.


Email domain brand is also relevant for those who don’t work directly in tech. But changing an email id that’s working for you will not be an advisable move. You should only go for a change in domain name if your Yahoo or Hotmail id is not fetching you the desired results.


Being updates, current and tech savvy is really important these days. Even a best of the best resume and work experience can be tarnished by an inappropriate email address. So rather sticking to the old wine try something new which might help you.



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Felon Job Finder on 07/26/11 at 09:45 am

I didn't know that our e-mail address can also affect our job search. Thanks for the info.