MBA is as relevant as ever in 2014

Saurabh Tyagi | April 17,2014 10:34 am IST

Those who were rooting for MBA as the most promising higher education path have reasons to feel vindicated. A survey suggests that MBA is still the most preferred post-graduate course choice in India.

This would be news to those who had started writing off Masters of Business Administration as a career path after the overall CAT 2013 registrations dropped.

According to a report published in financial express, IndiaCollegeSearch conducted a survey which found out that MBA remains the first choice of undergraduates as a higher education path. This survey is a shot in the arm of the thought that MBA is the “miracle” degree, pursued by one and many. While the survey conducted by IndiaCollegeSearch considers only freshly graduate students, one shouldn’t forget that MBA is one of the few programs that can be pursued at any age, with the only eligibility criteria being an undergraduate degree, and that too, belonging to any field of education. What exactly makes MBA so popular?

Because it’s the easiest way to advance your career
Although a candidate would definitely climb the ranks over the years, if he is simply hardworking enough, a MBA would definitely be of great help for advancement of careers, especially in sectors like Finance and banking. Saying doing MBA is easy would actually be misleading. It takes intense preparation, firstly to clear tough entrance exams such as CAT or GMAT, fighting tooth and nail with other students for that one seat in an IIM, and then spending two years, continuously under the scanner, working on case studies, writing assignments, taking tests, networking with academia, and other professionals from different walks of life.

But, as they say there are very few free lunches in this world, & this advancement of your career comes at the cost of little hard work. In fact, there are companies that will not consider candidates for managerial positions unless they have a MBA degree on their resume.

Because you want a shift in your career
CAT results, over the years have shown that engineers are the toppers. In fact, only a handful of MBA students undertake management as their undergraduate studies. This degree serves as lifeline to those who get stuck in a profession or career which is not their first preference. Such people, who are interested in changing careers or switching industries, can enroll for an MBA degree, which provides them the opportunity to learn business management practices and expertise. These practices can be applied to any industry and hence we find candidates from all walks of professions treading the line of management education.

Because you want to be a CEO one day
Not every CEO has a MBA degree, but research suggests that MBA does help professionals in assuming leadership roles at organizations. If a research by Spencer Stuart is to be believed, around 40 per cent of S&P 500 chief executives are MBA in any given year. So if you are aiming for a top role in an organization, MBA would certainly help you achieve that goal. The degree doesn’t guarantees you a role as CEO, but would certainly help you climb the ladders quicker than those who do not have this degree. Management education will teach you the basic tenets of leadership, business and management philosophies that can be applied to every leadership role.

With so many reasons to pursue MBA, it still boils down to the quality of management education that one undertakes, which goes a long way in deciding how far the candidate will benefit from it. While IIMs still take lead when it comes to the best MBA colleges of the country, many other B-schools are making their impact felt.

According to the data provided by MBA in India report by IndiaCollegeSearch, cities such as Noida, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Hyderabad are the emerging destinations of management education. This explains the flurry of MBA institutes in Noida opening up now. However, the still suggest that it’s the metros where this degree is the first preference. It reports that amongst the top 100 cities (in terms of population), the top eight cities attracted 61 % of the searches, while the rest made up for the 39% of the searches for MBA.



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