Presentation Tips : The 4 P's of Presentation

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Do you have a presentation to be delivered by you in the near future? Are you wondering how to go about it?. Well, here is a model for you to get started and do a fine job of your presentation.

The 4 P's of Presentation
I define a presentation as a combination of a speech and some visual aid, which could be foils, flip charts or props. Every presentation must have the 4 P's which are as shown below and must be followed with a bottom-up approach.

1. Presentation Strategy

This is one of the most important stages of every presentation. The first thing every presenter must do is ask himself the following: -
Why am I doing this presentation or what is the objective of this presentation
Who is my audience

The first question will give you an answer that is the theme and objective of the presentation. It could be a call-to-action or an approval or a status update. But essentially, your presentation should have a single key idea and a thread that runs throughout the presentation. The second question will answer the kind of audience who is listening to and therein lays the heart of the presentation. If you have a great technical idea and your audience is senior management, you better tune the presentation to what they want to listen to. They are not interested in your design or your code that implements the idea. All they want to know is what are the benefits and what is the ROI. So you have to tune your presentation to the audience interests, cultures and backgrounds.

Be energetic and passionate about your subject and collect as much data as you can to prove your point and establish credibility with the audience. Please note, the more time and energy you spend here, the less time you will spend later and the more effective the presentation will be.

2. Planning

Once you have your strategy thought of, you need to plan how to make it happen. Planning sids. I have seen many presenters reading out the information from thtage will give you the time and opportunity to prepare your visual ae visual aids. Well, I think that in this case we don't require the presenter and it's not a presentation at all. All we need to do is send out the visuals to everyone and they can go through it (actually, they just dump it). So as a good presenter, please make sure that visual aids are there just to help you as a cue for your information and also to provide some information to the audience for their reference. There are various ways to prepare your visual aids, but here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind: -

1. If you have X minutes to deliver your presentation - make sure that you use the X/2 - X/2 - X/2 rule which means that you should not have more than X/2 foils, no foil should have more than X/2 sentences and no sentence should have more than X/2 words. Some call it the 7-7-7 rule and some 5-5-5 rule. Basically, make sure that your aids are not cluttered with information.
2. Use pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words.
3. KISS - keep it short and simple.
4. Use Opening-Body-Conclusion approach to structure your information.

3. Practice

OK, you have a strategy and you have your aids ready. Take time to run through your speech and your aids. You will be amazed the amount of mistakes you will capture and eliminate. A mirror can help you note your posture and body movements while you are speaking and an audio recorder can help you analyze how your tone was during the talk. Also, have your friends help you with a dry run. The feedback is very important from them and you can tune the presentation accordingly. A reporter once asked a famous magician "what is the reason of your success?" And he replied, "I follow a simple 3 step process. One, I practice, Two, I practice and the most important Three, I practice. Enough Said.

4. Performance

Everything that is well planned can still go wrong. And this is the place where the chances are higher. This is the moment of truth. Your presentation in front of the audience. Don't worry. They all are as scared as you are. Stand straight; take a deep breath, smile and start. Enjoy every moment of your presentation. After all, where will you get an audience ready to listen? So make the best of it. Choose a posture, which is as comfortable and as non-controversial as possible. The audience is observing everything that you do. So if your hands are in your pocket playing with your keys, audience is riveted at that and don't listen to you. Give everyone in the room eye contact. Eye contact is extremely important and a must have for any presentation.

A simple eye contact can pull your audiences closer to your presentations and also give them a feeling that their presence is being acknowledged. Use your body language, gestures, hands, and facial expressions to suit your words and create impact. Involve the audience; don't just leave them to listen. Take names, make friends and use humor as and when required. Remember - it's your presentation and you are the presentation. So you own it and control it.

Presentation is effective only when the presenter adds value to it and meets the overall objective of the event. So the next time you have a presentation to deliver, follow the Four P's and I am sure that you have better chances to make it an effective presentation.



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SONU KUMAR on 08/22/10 at 05:38 pm

Sir I m First year student of MBA in KIET school of management Gazhiyabad.. plz iwant to get all knowldege of MBA..

guest on 08/23/10 at 05:10 pm

Hi Sonu,
Please check the MBA aspirant section of this site

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Thanks for many really useful guidelines :)

Dorota on 12/07/10 at 04:41 am

Thanks for really useful guidelines :)
I have in 2 days important presentation ...