What founders of successful startups think they knew before starting companies

 | July 30,2012 11:18 am IST

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a childs play. It requires huge amount of hard-work if you really want to succeed as a businessmen developing a product, sizing a business and growing consumers are nerve-racking that requires endless efforts, goal and zeal.

And even having these qualities in abundant is not a surety that one will succeed. In other words, theres still a good chance your venture will fail.


Start-up success rate is low with only 1 in 12 startups succeeding in attaining good business health. Initially even successful ventures face heat of surviving the huge competition in the market and building their brands identity. This article by Lauren Drell on What Founders Wish They Knew Before Starting Companies list quotes by founders of successful startups on things they wish they knew when they started their companies.


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