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Indian knowledge workers want to extract more...

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 20 Feb 2014
Adobe India today revealed findings of a survey conducted to understand the usage pattern and benefits provided by...Read More

Avanse Education Loans signs Student Financing...

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 20 Feb 2014
Avanse Education Loans (Avanse), a new age education finance company, announced its association with the Frankfurt...Read More

PwC Survey Finds Economic Crime Rising Globally,...

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 19 Feb 2014
Economic crime against businesses and other organisations continues to rise around the world. Some 37% of respondents,...Read More

Powerful Films Created by Talented Youth...

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 14 Feb 2014
Adobe Youth Voices (AYV), the global initiative to ignite creative confidence in youth,celebrated the completion of...Read More

afaqs! Jobswitch now a standalone property

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 25 Jan 2014
Jobswitch, the exclusive jobs channel on, has now become a standalone job portal for the advertising, media...Read More

Lava launches its much awaited premium smartphone...

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 20 Jan 2014
LAVA International Limited, a fast growing company in the mobile handset industry, unveiled its much awaited iris pro...Read More

AIMA conference on "Gender of Talent"...

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 17 Jan 2014
The year 2014 is a great year to begin change at workplace in respect of gender issues, according to Naina Lal Kidwai...Read More

How to Talk Your Boss into Giving You a Pay Rise?

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 05 May 2014
In order to obtain a pay rise, you must first convince yourself and then convince your boss that your value to the...Read More

Kickstarting Your College and MBA Recruiting...

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 30 Apr 2014
In research for my upcoming book, I interviewed one of my wisest and most inspirational professors, Jim Collins, author...Read More

Skill Inventory for the Young Indian Professional

By Editor - CoolAvenues On 27 Apr 2014
Inspite of all the roadblocks for growth, bureaucratic red tape and development hurdles which we still face, most would...Read More

"How to Create a Winning Impression in Your...

By Editor - CoolAvenues On 23 Apr 2014
Congratulations! You've just been appointed to your new job. Now the real work begins. It is important from the...Read More

Five Insider Tips for Getting a Job in the USA

By CoolAvenues Newswire On 20 Apr 2014
Marketing yourself effectively in the language and style that employers understand is often the key to an international...Read More

MBA is as relevant as ever in 2014

By Saurabh Tyagi On 17 Apr 2014
Those who were rooting for MBA as the most promising higher education path have reasons to feel vindicated. A survey...Read More

Nine Etiquette Tips For Job Seekers

By Editor - CoolAvenues On 15 Apr 2014
You may have heard the story of Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Co., inviting job candidates to lunch with him-...Read More