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Embrace Innovation Founded:2011

Embrace is a healthcare technology company that provides a line of innovative, affordable and high quality medical devices for emerging markets.
The project started as a class room project at Harvard University, Embrace innovation has developed a cost effective alternative infant warmer which can be used in countries where the electricity supply is erratic and cost is a major consideration. Temperature regulation is the key problem for the premature and low weight babies.
The design of the product resembles a miniature sleeping bag that incorporates a phase change material which maintains a constant temperature for upto 6 hours. This product maintains constant temperature for up to 6 hours and the product is priced at a fraction of the price of existing solutions.
In 2012, Embrace rolled out a new hybrid organizational structure to effectively advance our objectives: rapidly scale the global distribution of life-saving infant warmers, develop new low-cost healthcare technologies for the world’s poor, and provide health education to accompany our healthcare technologies
The company has 2 arms. The not for profit division holds the patent for the inovative product. The For profit division sells the product to people who can afford it. A part of this payment goes to not-for- profit arm from which, they provide free infant warmers to the needy people.

Financial / Funding data

Series A funding: Invetsed by Khosla Impact in 2011
Series B: Invested by Khosla Impact, Kiran Muzumdar in August 2013

IndustryHealth Care
Descriptionlow cost infant warmer


  • Was awarded the Social Impact design, Idea 2012 Gallery.
  • Was awarded People"s choice award 2011, Body category by Design to improve life.

More Information

Key People

Jane Chen: Co-Founder and CEO
Rahul Paniker: Co-founder, President of Products
Dr. Sudhit Borgonha; Medical Director

Products / Servicesinfant warmer, embrace best

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Location Bangalore
Phone Number+91 80 41125468
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Embrace Innovations
#18/19, 2nd Floor, Platinum Square,
Leonard Lane, Richmond Town,
Bangalore 560025
Web Address: www.embraceinnovations.com