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HFN’s patented software platform, NanoHeal, detects, diagnoses, and resolves issues for Windows-enabled devices automatically.
HFN’s NanoHeal has changed the tech support cycle from being reactive to a proactive orientation.
NanoHeal is incorporating the knowledge base of technical support into a software, which understands problem, diagnoses it and solves it.
NanoHeal will reduce inbound calls, increases first-call resolution, improves customer experience, and has a direct impact on core performance indicators.
NanoHeal reduces tech support time tenfold, meaning that companies who implement it could achieve a 90% reduction in call center staff.
Currently HFN’s primary customer is Dell, which is unrolling the technology throughout its various regions and product lines. Dell uses NanoHeal to remotely fix home consumers PCs.
The company is able to cut the tech support time from a one-hour home visit to just five minutes virtually. That means a person who was handling 5-6 problems in a day can now handle dozens such issues remotely.“
NanoHeal also updates the device as issues arise, fixing problems even before many customers notice them. If the company discovers a new problem, HFN can come out with a solution within a day. Then the systems will populate the solution across devices while performing the update.
NanoHeal is very light and hence can be used by any device or home appliance which has a chip.

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Series A funding : investment from Kalaari Capital in 2012.

DescriptionPredictive tech support platform



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Sridhar Santhanam: Founder and CEO

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