Portea Medical

Portea Medical Founded:2013

Portea Medical provides world class medical care into patient’s homes. It aim is to make primary healthcare not only more accessible, but also more affordable and accountable.
Portea offers in-home services such as nursing, physiotherapy, and doctor visits in 11 cities. It also offers professionally trained attendants to take care of sick or geriatric patients
Portea offers trained professionals with minimum experience of 3-4 years for in-house visits and treatment.
Portea provides geriatric care, postoperative care, palliative care and physiotherapy.
Portea will use technology to maintain patients record which is updated with every house visit through hand held devices, which is supervised by the medical team.
Portea's services complement those provided by doctors and hospitals. For instance, after a patient is discharged from a hospital, he or she can continue to receive hospital quality care from Portea's doctors and nurses, in the comfort and security of his or her home.

Financial / Funding data

•  Series A funding: Portea raised $8m from VenturEast, Accel Partners in 2013.

• Series B Funding: Qualcomm Ventures in July 2014.

IndustryHealth Care
DescriptionProvider of home healthcare services in India.



More Information

Key People

Meena Ganesh: Founder & CEO
Ganesh Krishnan: Co-founder & Chairman
Manjusha Anumolu: Co-founder & Medical Advisor 

Products / ServicesServices offered are Nursing Physiotherapy In-Home Primary Care Senior Care Packages for NRI Home hospitalization.

Contact Details

Location Bangalore
Phone Number080 3355 4554
Company Emailcare@portea.com
Company Office Address

69/B, 1st stage,

1st cross, domlur
Bangalore, India 560071
Web Address: www.portea.com