Cognizant asks underperformers to leave

 | April 17,2013 04:23 pm IST

Technology firm Cognizant has asked its non-performing employees to leave the organization. The non-performers have been asked to leave post appraisals.

According to insiders, there were more than 500 'underperformers' in the list, however the figure have not been confirmed yet.

Sources have revealed that the employees who fell in the lowest bracket of assessment are the ones asked to leave. Apart from this, the bonus paid for the year 2012 has also reduced from that of 2011. In 2011, the organization offered an average 169 per cent, while this year it was between 80-100 per cent.

"Each year, after our annual performance management cycle (Cognizant terms it as Performance Improvement Plan or PIP), relative underperformers leave the company or are counseled out in the interest of both the individual and the company. This is a common practice among all companies that focus on meritocracy and high performance," a Cognizant spokesperson told to The Times of India.

"500 is not a huge number seen from Cognizant's viewpoint . They generally did just in-time hiring and I think they are just running a tight ship right now and may go for recruitment later. The pessimism is only due in Infosys although no other players are reporting weak sentiment. TCS, in fact, is looking at a higher growth than last year," said Ankita Somani, IT analyst at Angel Broking to TOI.

HCL Technologies on-boarding process, where campus recruits join the firm, is yet to begin for 2011 batch.