Now 2D bar coded boarding passes for passenger convenience

 | December 16,2010 11:49 am IST

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Wednesday said that the global transition to 2D bar coded boarding passes (BCBP) technology has been completed, which is expected to result in more passenger convenience.


"After electronic ticketing in 2008, the conversion to BCBP is the next important step to provide passengers with more convenience and choice," IATA director general and chief executive Giovanni Bisignani said.


According to him, many tasks of boarding and de-boarding could be completed faster and in an efficient manner through the system.


"BCBP would give passengers greater choice in checking-in at home, at a kiosk, on a mobile device or at an airport check-in counter," Bisignani said.


He added that BCBP would also mean savings for the airlines as a single, printed boarding pass can be used for multiple flights, which would simplify the journey for passengers on connecting flights.


"Airlines issue over 2 billion boarding passes every year. The conversion to printed 2D BCBP has been a five-year project and will save the industry upto $1.5 billion every year," Bisignani further said.


In 2008, international airlines agreed to shift to BCBP, replacing the magnetic-strip based boarding passes which were used since 1983.