Rise in flow of foreign funds into India: IIFT

 | October 28,2010 04:39 pm IST

Flow of foreign funds into India will rise in the coming months as it offers stability and strong prospects of returns, Director of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) K.T.

Chacko said Thursday.


"Money will go to that destination where it can multiply faster, it offers safety and there is stability of regime. As far as India is concerned profitability is not in doubt. All the sectors are growing well and we have very stable regime so the investment will continue coming," Chacko told reporters on the sidelines of a symposium here.


He said India's foreign trade was likely to witness strong growth on the back of robust economic fundamentals.


Chacko said appreciation in rupee would negatively affect Indian exports. However, he emphasised that the situation has not reached an alarming stage.


"Exporters have a cause of concern that rupee should not appreciate too fast and too high. It is something to be watched but not an alarming concern," he said.


The IIFT Thursday organised a symposium on consulting.


"Consulting today is not only about advising and sharing insights, but about being a stakeholder in the overall interests," said Chacko. "Consultants cannot be third party advisers but equally accountable partners in knowledge sharing and future growth."