Sapience Analytics emerges as an “Innovative and Most Popular Company” in the Enterprising Technology space

CoolAvenues Newswire | May 16,2014 07:17 pm IST

Sapience Analytics has been recognized amongst the “Top 50 Innovative Products” and voted as “Most Popular Company” by the global CIO jury panel at Intech50. Sapience has also been shortlisted amongst the top 20 companies in the software category at the keenly contested Silicon Valley based TiE50 Awards for emerging product companies.

At InTech50, a showcase event organized by the Indian software product think-tank iSPIRT and Terrene Global Leadership Network, Sapience Analytics was selected as the “Most Popular Company” amongst the award winning 50 most innovative software products. Out of the 300 applicants, Sapience made it to the Top 50, as evaluated by a panel of 15 global CIOs and 25 investors. Being an InTech50 company, Sapience Analytics will now be able to leverage iSPIRT’s global experience and enterprise-level insights to attain its global vision.

The TiE50 Awards represent a significant recognition for emerging product companies at the annual Silicon Valley TiECON event being held on May 18-19. Sapience is a Top 50 Finalist, selected from amongst 2500+ applicants globally in the technology space. Sapience features in the list of top 20 in the software category. At the TiECON event, 20 finalists in each of 5 categories will make presentations, and 10 companies will be selected from each category and declared as TiE50 Winners.

Shirish Deodhar, CEO & co-founder, Sapience Analytics, noted that “We are delighted to be recognized at two prestigious events, one in India and the other right in Silicon Valley, California. They are an affirmation that Sapience is the pioneer and only global player currently in the space of ‘Automated Enterprise Effort Visibility and Analytics’.”

Sapience is an innovative and patent-pending software product that delivers over 20% increase in organization productivity, by guiding teams towards more focused effort, and simultaneously helping employees to improve their work-life balance. Sapience customers find that Sapience promotes transparency, and enables them to implement progressive HR policies such as Work from Home, flexi work hours, and promoting more innovation. In just 3 years, Sapience has scaled to 60+ installations that include 2 Fortune 200 global enterprises, 4 of India’s Top 10 IT firms, global MNCs, and many large and medium sizes firms in verticals such as IT, BPO/KPO, Engineering Services, Finance, Manufacturing.

“Sapience Analytics is gaining momentum for becoming a leading software product company from India and receiving accolades for its contribution in making software an integral part of the holistic technology is truly idolization. These awards act as a catalyst to push the team even more so as to achieve the quality results in the best contained time. We are extremely excited and happy to be associated with the company,” said Harish Mehta, an IAN investor member and founder of Onward Group.



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