Vodafone Prepaid introduces unlimited conversations tariff plans in Andhra Pradesh

 | June 21,2012 05:23 pm IST

Vodafone India, today announced the launch of its new recharge products FRC 95 (First recharge 95), FRC 205 (First recharge 205) FRC 399 (First recharge 399), FRC 141 (First recharge 141) and FRC 202 (First recharge 202) for its new prepaid subscribers in Andhra Pradesh.

For all local calls, on a first recharge, subscribers can avail free seconds depending on the chosen FRC.

For instance, on the first recharge of Rs 95, Vodafone subscriber can avail 17500 free local seconds with a validity of 20 days.


 These are available in five denominations starting from INR 95 and going up to INR 399, giving the subscriber the flexibility to choose based on their usage pattern.


Free Seconds
17500 Local
20 Days
45000 Local
4 Weeks
1 lakh Local
4 Weeks
15000 Local & STD
4 Weeks
35000 Local & STD
20 Days

Additionally Vodafone India, also announced a new Seconds Pack tariff plan for its existing prepaid customers in Andhra Pradesh.