launches dedicated section on Executive MBA

 | June 27,2011 04:32 pm IST

Executive MBA is rapidly growing on popularity index in India with more and more professionals, with considerable work experience, opting to pursue it, further adding value to their existing career path or either switch start their career in a different field.. has launched Executive MBA section, which is aimed at capturing and bringing to its readers the most comprehensive information on executive MBA and part-time/distance MBA.


CoolAvenues Executive MBA section will offer information on every aspect of executive MBA and distance MBA. It will serve aspirants as a comprehensive guide to executive MBA admission process and range of entrance exam score accepted during last years. As a part of our strategic tie-up with leading executive MBA b-schools, representatives from these b-schools have been engaged to answer queries related to executive MBA.


“Executive MBA market is ever increasing, but there was hardly any website or web portal present in this space. We have been receiving emails from our users to launch a dedicated section on it, which shall cover each and every aspect of it,” says Kanika Singh, Editor-


“Our strategic tie-up with leading b-schools around India will ensure that each and every query of our users is taken care of,” she adds.


Executive MBA program is a program specially designed for professional managers and executives who are willing to fast pace their career growth. These programmes are designed in a way to help executives who already have the basic knowledge of business but just want to add on to their management skills. The EMBA program brings together the expertise of the students, earned through experience, in a way that managers can learn from one another.


About, founded in the year 2000 by three IIT and IIM alumni, is the largest MBA community network in India. It is the first portal to create a community for MBA professionals and has been at the forefront of innovation by constantly developing new initiatives to engage with Alumni, Students, Aspirants, Faculty and Corporate.




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Torn on 10/18/11 at 09:25 am

Super extcied to see more of this kind of stuff online.