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"The focus is to groom executives in mid/senior level to take up leadership roles..

The program helps managers to prepare themselves for a mid-career change..." says Prof. (Dr.) Punam Sahgal, Dean, IIML-NOIDA Campus, while talking about focus of One Year Executive Program., in its endeavor to bring most relevant information to MBA aspirants as well as corporate recruiters, keeps on bringing details about those up-coming B-schools in India which have lots of promise to show.

Today, B-school education in India has become one of the most crowded places; where it is difficult to identify the better ones from the noisy ones, and that is the reason why we work on to bring out those upcoming B-schools which offer superior choices to MBA aspirants as well as corporate recruiters.

One such newly established school is the NOIDA Campus of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. CoolAvenues presents an interview with IIM-LNC's Dean, Prof. (Dr.) Punam Sahgal.

Here are the excerpts of her interview...

Q. Madam, would you tell us something about the recently-established and newly-functional IIM Lucknow - NOIDA Campus?
IIM Lucknow, NOIDA Campus has been established to impart quality management education to executives who have considerable work experience. IIM Lucknow is the first among the IIMs to have opened an additional campus. It is being developed as a 'Centre of Excellence' to contribute to the industry. The NOIDA Campus is a vibrant nodal centre for post experience management education, research, consulting and corporate training. The Institute's aim is to help improve the management of corporate and non-corporate sectors and public systems, through pursuit of excellence in management education, research, consulting and training.

The courses being offered are: -
1. International Program in Management for Executives
2. Working Managers Program
3. General Management Program for Defense Personnel
4. Online Executive General Management Program
5. In addition to the above long-term courses, IIM-LNC offers customized and open Management Development Programs for corporate, government & public systems.

The focus is to groom executives in mid/senior level to take up leadership roles. The programs help managers to prepare themselves for a mid-career change. The campus is well-equipped with hostel facilities, modern PC labs, library and recreational facilities.

The NOIDA Campus is governed by the same Board of Directors as IIM Lucknow. 

Front View of Administrative Block of IIM Lucknow - Noida Campus

Q. What is your vision / mission statement for IIM-LNC, and what is the roadmap for it in coming five years?
In line with the mission of IIM Lucknow, i.e., "to help improve the management systems with regard to business, industry and public services through pursuit of excellence in management education, research, consultancy and training", the NOIDA Campus is dedicated to the continuing excellence of professional managers and entrepreneurs, by providing a foundation of learning, personal growth and social responsibility to adapt to the changing business realities and prepare them for the challenges of contemporary management careers. This is one of the key strengths of IIM-L. Through this centre, we offer corporate and the business community an opportunity for intellectual renewal and continued excellence of professional managers and entrepreneurs. Knowledge and skills acquired after putting in few years of service, is perhaps one of the best ways to get a sound grounding of business knowledge and to understand the intricacies of managing business.

Q. What were the reasons behind choosing NOIDA as location for the second campus of IIM Lucknow?
NOIDA is the new hub of commercial and industrial activity where several large industrial houses, small- and medium-size industries and MNCs have their headquarters or their centers of operation located. This will provide the right environment for greater professional interaction with industry, and due to the varied mix of organizations present in NOIDA and Delhi, allow opportunities for research and dissemination of knowledge. There is a great demand to cater to the needs of these industries as well as those located in the northern region of the country, which do not have the facility of a premier institution like an IIM in the vicinity, for capacity building and professional training for their managers. The location advantage would also extend to the learning process in the IPMX course curriculum where industry-related assignments and real management contexts form an integral part.

The Leadership Interaction Series organized by the participants of the IPMX Program is an example of the growing relationship between the institute and industry.

Dr. J. J. Irani, Director, Tata Sons, Interacting with IPMX Students Through a Workshop on Business Ethics

Q. Are the two IIM-L campuses - Lucknow and NOIDA - inter-connected and run by the same management, or are they governed as separate entities?
IIM-L NOIDA Campus is an additional campus of IIM Lucknow, run by the same management. There is a great synergy between the two campuses in terms of faculty, resources, systems, etc.

Q. These days, there is a lot of attention on executive education, not just in India, but globally as well. What are the expectations of industry, and what role does IIM-LNC chalk out for itself?
The business environment is rapidly changing due to liberalization and globalization that characterize the process of leading and managing change in industry. Sensitivity to diversity in workforce, social values and environment are gaining centre-stage. Managers need to quickly develop themselves to meet these challenges.


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