Interview with Dean IIM-Lucknow - Noida Campus (IPMX) | Quality of Work experience is vital in Executive MBA

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Q. Are Management Development Programs (MDPs) planned for the academic year 2008-09 and 2009-10?
A series of MDPs are being conducted and are also proposed for next year given the large infrastructure facilities for holding residential MDPs.


Q. What are the advantages that IPMX offers over similar one-year executive programs offered by institutions like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, ISB Hyderabad, etc.?
IPMX offers a unique opportunity to gain international exposure through the 'One-Month International Module' at McGill University. There are two advanced courses on "International Finance" and "Managing Innovation", which are conducted by the eminent faculty from Desautels School of Management, McGill. The first batch of IPMX had the privilege of interacting with Prof. Henry Mintzberg, who is an authority on Strategy Management.

Students Interact with Prof. Henry Mintzberg During the 1-Month International Module at McGill University

Another unique feature is the 'Live Industry Project', which is spread over a period of 3-months. These projects help in developing appropriate competencies to handle challenging managerial situations.

On Faculty
Q. What is the faculty strength at IIM-L NOIDA Campus (including visiting faculty)? What is the ratio of regular and visiting faculty?
We currently have quite a number of faculty members at NOIDA Campus. Most of the courses are taken by IIM-L faculty, either from Lucknow or NOIDA Campus. Besides these, we also have visiting faculty who are experts in their domain. They take special modules.

IPMX Students in Montreal (Canada) with Faculty of McGill University
(From L to R: Steve Maguire, Dror Etzion, Vihang Errunza (Dean), Gregory Vit, Artyom Durnev & Colette Chomski

Q. What is the usual faculty profile at IIM-L NC?
As mentioned earlier, the NOIDA Campus is an additional campus of IIM Lucknow, so the profile of the faculty is the same. All programs at the NOIDA Campus are organized and managed by IIM-L.

On Admission Process
Q. What are the steps involved in your admission procedure? Do provide detailed information.

The steps for admission are shared through the website - The admission process for the second batch of IPMX is already going on. Prospective students can get all information over the website. We also encourage prospective students to contact our IPMX Office for more information.

Q. What kind of background and profile does the institute prefers in its incoming students?
The mission of the program is to develop mid/senior level managers to take up leadership positions in industry. The program is rigorous and requires strong commitment. We look for students who have the rich experience, demonstrated academic excellence, and a strong desire to learn.

Q. What is the Cut-off Score in GMAT that short-lists the student to appear for Group Discussion and Personal Interview at your institute?
There is no prescribed cut-off. The students are assessed holistically on various parameters such as - quality of work experience, essays, interview and GMAT score.

Q. Is there any other mode of admission available to students other than GMAT?
No. GMAT is a standardized and a globally well-accepted testing tool. Prospective students need to take the GMAT and send their scores to the institute in time.


Q. What advice would you like to give people who might have a good GMAT Score but not so good academic performance in past?
As I have already said, the admission process is comprehensive. Essays play a major role, so do the interviews. If a student is clear in his/her career goals, and is able to convince the interview panel, he/she may have better chances even if he/she has a low GMAT Score. The selection process is holistic and academic performance and GMAT are parts of it.

Q. What about Group Discussion and Personal Interview, what kind of weightage is given to GD and interview?
We have the Personal Interview for the short-listed candidates only. There is no Group Discussion.

Q. What weightage is given to the pre-MBA work-experience?
Work experience is extremely important as the course has been designed keeping in mind that the students already have a fair understanding of business processes, have sound functional knowledge and exposure to managerial issues. The requirement is a minimum of 6 years of work experience. Sufficient weightage is given to the quality of work experience.

On Placements
Q. These days, there is huge focus on placements at MBA institutes. Since IIM-L NOIDA Campus has made its debut only this year, what kind of placement program you aim to launch to attract best companies to your campus?

The placements for IPMX are on rolling basis which start with pre-placement talks from December onwards. The placement season for the 1st batch starts from January 2009. IIM-L is an established brand, and is well-known for its commitment to management education and contribution to industry.

Q. Would there be any sector- or function-specific focus in targeting companies for placements?
The placement activities are guided by the career needs of the students - the industry and roles they want to work in. Since the batch is diverse in its experience, their needs are different as well. The Corporate Interaction Centre, manages the entire gamut of activities. We do not have any sector- or function-specific focus. We are driven by the career aspirations of the participants, and try to get as many options.

Q. With the economic downturn, do you envisage any difficulty in placing your students, especially those of your flagship program?
The economic slowdown is a global phenomena and its impact will be there. However, we are getting an enthusiastic response from the industry.

On Future Plans
Q. Does IIM-L NOIDA Campus plan to offer any short-term specialized programs or doctoral programs to corporate executives in near future?
We have plans to offer Executive FPM after 2-3 years.



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