Part-Time MBA in India

 | June 09,2010 01:05 pm IST

Management education in India is becoming more popular in recent years. Now-a-days being an MBA is regarded as an added advantage.

Any qualification coupled with an MBA degree enhances one's job perspectives. Today's young professionals consider MBA as a stepping stone in their career.


Economy has changed all the social and economical scenario of the world. It's an era of multi-nationals. Multi-nationals are coming and picking up the best possible talent to run their businesses smoothly. Students of new generation want to use it at its fullest, to be a part of this, to understand the business better. MBA is the easiest way for them. Not only younger generation but experienced and mid-career professionals are also opting for MBA just to give a kick to their existing career.


But is it reasonable to put your existing career on hold and go for a full-time MBA? Is it worthwhile? It all depends upon a person's personal choice, his/her career aspirations and other factors related to him/her. Full-time MBA will require complete devotion, full days' time and rigorous research work, which is not possible with a full-time job.


If you are ready to take risk, you could certainly go for a full-time MBA, but if you are not, and still imagine yourself as a budding corporate professional, part-time MBA is the right choice for you. Through part-time MBA, one can expand his/her knowledge base. Part-time MBA can also present one with new opportunities along with existing career.


Advantages of Part-Time MBA

Part-time MBA programs were specifically designed for those working professionals who need to work and study at the same time. Some of the advantages of part-time MBA are: -

1. Classes are scheduled in the evening mostly, so one can study and work simultaneously. It does not interrupt the routine of normal working life and gives an opportunity to avail a new qualification with the existing job.


2. New skills can be developed without interrupting existing job. You can enhance and update your present knowledge base.


3. Students have an opportunity to incorporate real-life situations and problems into the classroom where immediate solutions to these problems could be explored.


4. Students can apply theoretical knowledge of classroom at their workplace and can see the effects immediately.


5. Financial help may also be available.


6. Cost of study is spread over a longer period of time.

7. If your employer reimburses your tuition fee, part-time MBA is an ideal choice for you.


8. You can easily go for your classes even if they are held far away from your place once or twice in a week, as it is manageable, while daily classes are not.


9. Because you are working, regular flow of income is there. This leads to less debt as compared to full-time.


Arranging the money will not be a big problem because you have a regular source of income. Most of the MBA courses cost around 3-4 Lakhs, and with a job in hand, you can manage that expense.


10. There is a lot of flexibility in part-time courses. You can vary course load in order to concentrate on a particularly difficult course, and then take a heavier load later with less intensive courses.


11. You could be considered a hard working and dedicated person by industry people because you are managing two tough lives together, i.e., studying and working. Therefore, chances of promotion are more as compared to others. In some organizations, having an MBA degree is considered an added advantage, and thus, increasing your chances of promotion.


Disadvantages of Part-Time MBA

1. Part-time MBA programs usually take two to three years to complete, but may take up to five. For such a long period, tuition assistance may not be available.


2. Only some selected schools offer part-time MBA programs. Your choice is limited. You may be required to attend a school that is not your first choice.


3. While doing part time MBA one has to be under tremendous pressure. Because in the morning, you are working, and attending classes in the evening. It will create double stress.

4. Student prefers doing MBA to be a part of industry, but industry does not give much credit to part-time MBA.


5. Market value of part-time MBA is less as compared to full-time program.

6. Generally, part-time students are not allowed to participate in on-campus recruitment. So if you have a job, well and good, but if not, you have to struggle more than your full-time counterparts.


7. Usually, part-time MBAs do not have very intimate bonding with their classmates or peers. Networking opportunities in future are less.


8. If you have a field job or touring job, you may feel difficulty in completing part-time MBA.




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kapil gupta on 06/30/10 at 06:07 pm

i want an Aspirant with part time course.

Prashant Batra on 11/13/10 at 02:39 pm


i have a work ex of approx 8 years in the field of finance ( Majorily Indirect Taxation), and to upgrade my career profile, i want to pursue an executive MBA programme from IIMs/ or any other TOP B SCHOOLS in INDIA.

Please suggets me various options and how to go about it.

Thanks & Regards
Prashant Batra

Mayank on 11/14/10 at 06:14 pm

Go to hell those industries which dont consider part time MBA valuable.

MBA colleges in indore on 07/19/11 at 02:14 pm

Very good post, I was really searching for this topic, as I wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet, that is why it was very difficult to understand.

Thank you for sharing this.