Best HR Practices

 | March 01,2014 04:31 pm IST

Objectives of Dissertation
To understand the areas which are mainly focused on best HR practices.
To understand the best practices of organizations in terms of the basic HR functions.

To understand what measures should be taken while implementing HR practices.

Any practice that you devise to increase the competence, commitment and improve the culture building can be termed as HR Practice, and this can be in the form of a norm, rule, system, or some practices.

Examples: -
1- Wishing Employees on their birthday, anniversary, etc., by HR Head
2- Having health facilities / baby-sitting facilities
3- Continuous learning and development oriented PMS system
4- Good Employee Services
5- If employee attends the office on his birthday and the amount will be given as allowance, etc.
6- Some companies have deduction for late coming and some companies view it as an odd practice
7- Company's Internal Magazine covering all the happenings in your company
8- Regular training and development
9- Job rotations / internal department transfer like service employees based on their performance shifted to Research & Development, etc.

There is no single best practice to which all organizations should aspire. Rather, the literature shows that each firm has a distinctive HR system that represents a core competency required for the survival and sustainability for that particular organization.

"Best Practices" in HR are subjective and transitory. What is best for one company may not be best for another. What was best last month may not be best for today. The concept of "best" is highly subjective and non-specific. "Best Practice" is not a set of discrete actions but rather a cohesive and holistic approach to organizational management.

Best Practices are initiatives taken by HR to: -
Not only satisfy but delight
Create a feel good factor
Give high visibility and focused impact
Be unique and relevant
Gel with organization culture
Provide fresh / creative way to accomplish a task

Influencing Factors
Some factors which constitute best practices in HR are: -
Continuous Improvement
Risk Taking
Work-life Balance
Culture Consciousness
Training & Development

The "best practice" companies have the most intense communications which are broad-based, continuous and involve multi-directional employee contact. Communications with employees is "a given", and is formal, focused and on-going responsibility. Communications are not done as an "extra".

1. "Talk of the Week" where all the employers are asked to participate and give there word and opinion about their superiors helping to bridge the gap.
2. "Taking a Step Ahead" is Round Table Initiative followed by GSK Group to empower the employees.

Continuous Improvement
The best companies are never satisfied. They focus not only getting it right but doing it better. They are intensely dependent on feedback from all sources as the prime basis of their continuous improvement philosophy.

1. "Dosti" Counseling Facility, where trained counselor offer free and confidential advice on any issue under the sun - from work related stress to marital discord adopted by Texas Instruments.
2. Les Concierges Service - Outsourcing chores like paying bills, booking tickets and buying vegetables followed by Johnson & Johnson.
3. Breakfast with Department Head in groups of 10 adopted by GSK.
4. Cashless Hospital Scheme for employees & their families by Johnson & Johnson.

Risk Taking
The best companies have leaders who possess courage to make the hard decisions and carry them out.

1. People like Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, is known as "Neutron Jack" for his massive shake-ups at GE. These people are not afraid to go face-to-face with people - internal customers included - to discuss issues they feel need to be addressed.

1. On-the-spot Recognition followed by Shoppers' Stop where all employers are recognized on there contribution and talent they exhibit. For every contribution, they are given stars - making people feel Stars.
2. Special Awards like "Helping Hand", "First Mover", And Quarterly Rewards and appreciation are some of the initiatives taken by many companies.

Work Life Balance
1. An initiative taken by GSK that every employee can walk out of the office at 6.00 p.m. helping them to balance both professional and personal life.
2. Quarterly Star Performers awarded with packages like Dinner-with-Family, Stay-over-the-Weekend at Five Star Hotels by Hewitt Packard.
3. Spouses invited to give a pleasant surprise to employees on anniversary and birthday at Hewitt.

Culture Consciousness
The best companies are all sharply focused on their culture and are conscious of how culture shapes systems and behaviours.

The best example for that is an initiative Fun @ Work Cadbury Annual Theme identified, being a reflection of company's corporate goals. Celebration Calendar built around the theme is to ensure at least one event per month.

1. On Company Day, employees are encouraged to interact with consumers and bring back new ideas.
2. Worm controversy overcomes through 'Delivering Smiles'.
3. Specific days like Traditional Day, etc., introduced.



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