How my Legal Framework & Ethics courses earned me a Merchandise?

Vinod Gandhi | March 05,2012 10:09 am IST

Today morning , Facebook page of my Fav. ICICI Bank posted.



I had to make my assignments but thought to enjoy this discount and spend some 3 hours with a friend , so I went ahead to book tickets. 


Luckily got good Gold seats with great discounted price but then i realized where is that option of 10% discount of food and beverages? well this option was not there while booking the tickets.


If i was not into my 3rd trimester of MBA(HR), i would have let it gone like most of us usually do. But what is that in this 3rd trimester that made me writing this blog and that too at that time when i need to ready up?


Well, it is Legal framework and Ethical issues in H.R courses that suddenly prompted in my mind. 1 advantage of doing MBA is you can not leave even a single place where you can not apply your Management concepts. 


I immediately called there management team describing them the situation and they described me see, 'this option is not valid in delhi' . Before he could have said anything, i had taken screen shots of their whole terms and conditions and offers and very beautifully marked them an email stating


'It is clearly a case of FRAUD / WRONG Communication. See the attached screen shots. 

1. Why this food scheme option is not reflected? 

2. Even if this food option is valid in lets say only Mumbai and not delhi, why have not you mentioned in your terms and condition?


Being a student of H.R, I must say, this is clearly unethical and portraits cheating and Miscommunication case in lieu of promotions and can be brought to our LAW SYSTEM.' 


Soon after my mail, i got apology revert and a phone call from concerned manager. I gave him some gayan on ETHICAL and LEGAL issues in communication. He offered me a merchandise and requested me to provide him my address.




Question that comes to my mind now is - ' Providing Merchandise is again Un(Ethical) practice or simply a token of Apology?'




Vinod Gandhi is presently doing MBA in HR from IMI Delhi. He has 3 years of work exp. in TCS and spectrum Study circle. He is passionate about Understanding Human beings and their interaction in organization....