Managing Attrition in BPO Industry - How to Stop Attrition

 | April 09,2014 03:59 pm IST

If a person leaves after the training it costs the company dearly. Many experts are of believe that all these challenges can turn out to be a real dampener in the growth of this industry.

The need is for those individuals who can make a career out of this. All this has induced the companies to take necessary steps, both internally and externally. Internally most HR managers are busy putting in efforts on the development of their employees, building innovative retention and motivational schemes (which was more money oriented so far) and making the environment livelier. Outside, the focus is on creating awareness through seminars and going to campuses for recruitment.

How to Stop BPO Attrition
Firstly, the industry has to get out of its image of an Internet sweatshop where an employee is resigned to his fate of being in office at ungodly hours for a dead-end job.

Short Term Bonding Techniques

1. Using the CFO’s services – Well, this stands not for Chief Financial Officer but Chief Fun Officer, whose only job is to think of opportunities for making fun.
2. A Pizza Party – Senior management takes orders for custom-made pizzas from agents and supervisors and serves them.
3. Shop till you drop – Tie up with a shopping mall for an evening outing and distributing prizes based on that.
4. Shift rotation – Permanent night birds fly away faster! Suitable day shift opportunities are required from time to time.

Long Term Solutions

Involve the advisors or team leaders in the interviewing panels.
In Company presentations to potential candidates, encourage the employees to share their experiences.
Staff members must feel rewarded, recognized and appreciated. Frequently saying thank you goes a long way. Monetary rewards, bonuses and gifts make the thank you even more appreciated. Understandable raises, tied to accomplishments and achievements help to retain staff.
Select the right people in the first place through behaviour-based testing and competency screening.
Offer an attractive, competitive, benefits package.
Provide opportunities for people to share their knowledge via training sessions, presentations, mentoring others and team assignments.
Demonstrate respect for employees at all times. Treat the employees well & provide dignity of job; follow the maxim of Mr. Marriott that "Ladies & Gentlemen serve the Ladies & Gentlemen".
If a key employee resigns, it should be taken up on a priority basis and kept confidential as far as possible and the senior management should meet the employee to discuss his reasons for leaving and evaluate if his issues bear merit and whether they can be resolved.
Exit Interviews: Outsource this process to external consultants to get a realistic and unbiased feedback. This can be a great source of information regarding the shortcomings in a management system. People want to enjoy their work. Make work fun. Engage, employ the special talents of each individual.
BPOs should endeavour to implement work-life balance initiatives to reinforce the retention strategies. Innovative and practical employee policies pertaining to flexible working schemes, granting compassionate and urgency leave, providing healthcare for self, family and dependants, etc.
Listen to employee's ideas; never ridicule them.
Offer performance feedback and praise good efforts and results.
Implement organizational culture measurement tools like Adversity Quotient (AQ).
Staff adequately so overtime is minimized for those who don't want it and people don't wear themselves out.
Get them involved in social causes and fund drives like Tsunami Disaster Relief. Provide a meaning or a cause to their lives.
Nurture and celebrate organization traditions like Diwali, Holi, Christmas etc.
Communicate goals, roles and responsibilities so that people know what is expected of them and feel a part of the crowd.
According to research by the Gallup organization, encourage employees to have good, even best, friends, at work.
Encourage humour & laughter in workplace to deal with stress which will ensure that the employees are happy which gets reflected in their services especially critical in voice-based transaction.
Feeling valued by their manager in the workplace is a key to high employee motivation and morale.
Reach out to the families of the potential candidates with sustained and focused messages in the media about the excellent prospects in the BPO Industry. There is an example of this instances - Late Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi, Chairman of the Oberoi Group in efforts to makes sure that many women joined his company went to educational institutions and elicited women's parents to come to the hotel. He told them "I will walk you in and show you what your daughters will do with us, please help us to train them".

Excellent Career Growth Prospects

Encourage & groom employees to take up higher positions/openings. If not fulfilled then they will look outside the organization.
Look for talents within the organization and encourage them. For instance, if a person has the potential to be a trainer, groom & develop the employee.

Night Shifts

Have doctors to advise & guide them about their biological clocks and ways & means to deal with them.
Dietary advice: - Do's and don'ts.
Create the passion that they are doing a yeomen service to the nation by bringing the much-required Foreign Exchange.
They are helping people (clients) to make their life easier.
Special lights in the office/workplace to ensure their bodies get sufficient vitamin D.
One distinct disadvantage of night shifts is the sense of disorientation with friends and family members. Concentrate on this problem and develop innovative solutions and ways to deal with it.

Focused Training & Development Programs