10 Mantras for a happy life

Vinutha Raju | February 22,2014 05:01 pm IST

Magazines and newspapers are full of 10 best exercises, 10 best make-up regimes, 10 best stress buster foods etc. Many celebrities and quasi celebrities give their list of must have or must dos.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman have their own bucket list. Catch the movie “Bucket List” over the weekend.

I have devised my own 10 Mantras to do. Some of them are to do on a daily basis, some at least once or twice a year; some are just attitudes that work for me.

1. Start the day with stretching: It’s a great way to start a day. All babies and even animals stretch as soon as they wake up. We adults, in our rush to start the day have stopped this basic and amazing thing. It takes less than a minute but gives a great start to your day. Try this and you will realise how relaxed and energised your body feels.

2. Exercise: A one-stop solution for everything. Exercise to look good, exercise to stay healthy, exercise for all age group. One should exercise especially when one is stressed. It is a great mood elevator. Start with bare basic. Have a small target. You should schedule just 30 minutes. But, most importantly, should be done every day. Every single day. Don’t worry about the type of exercise or time of the day. Exercise every single day for at least 30 minutes and see the difference it makes to your life

3. Walk, go for a trek: Trekking is a great outdoor group activity. All you need is a pair of legs, sunglasses, cap and an enthusiastic group. India is endowed with great mountain ranges, hillock and hills. Choose your difficult level. Start small and progress. I have done trekking in and around Bangalore, Ooty, Kodiakanal, Wayanad, and even in Himalayas with children, in small groups or even in groups of 50. Some of them were for half a day, full day, 3 day treks or even night treks. All of them, without exception were fun. The exhilaration of reaching the top, the sense of achievement, watching the valley below, nibbling on snacks and drinking rationed water is just incredible. I recommend you do it at least twice a year.

4. Learn something new: Age is no bar to learn. Learn for the joy of learning, could also be a new skill. It could be swimming, playing a sport, a musical instrument, a hobby, a software program or even getting a degree. You should learn something new at least once in two years.

5. Limit depression to a day: Everybody has problems. There is no one in this world without problems or worries. But being depressed or worrying does not solve the problem. Solve the problem if possible or accept it with grace and poise. Some problems cannot be solved. We have to learn to live with them. Worry once in a while, it may give you new ideas to resolve but do not mop endlessly over it.

6. Be optimistic: A corollary to the previous point. It is an attitude which keeps a person enthusiastic and passionate. This attitude goes a long way in avoiding a burn-out or mid-life crisis

7. Be naughty: Just because you are over 18 years, does not mean you have to be serious or not have fun. Have fun, be naughty. Be naughty with your partner. Explore and do outrageous stuff which you and your partner are comfortable with. It not only brings in excitement but makes you feel young and sexy.

8. Live life in moderation: Excess is bad, so is extreme. Too less is boring. Have fun. No rigid rules. But excess eating, partying, drinking takes a toll. Don’t have an outside-in approach. Don’t be dependent on external factors for your happiness.

9. Life style change: All of us have an ideal image of ourselves. It could be slim, fit, successful, relaxed, enjoying exotic food at foreign locales etc. Most of this requires a few life style changes and surprisingly, once you achieve one change, it gathers momentum and gives you the confidence to change other things. Eating healthy can help you be fit and lose some extra weight, which will make you confident to try out more stylised clothes, making you look smarter, making you more confident to try and acquire better habits and lifestyle. Just remember, be patient with yourself. Give time and see your improved self.

10. Meditation: End your day with 10 minutes of meditation. Meditation is not an easy concept. Meditation actually means, keeping your mind totally blank. Difficult to control your mind. Start with introspection. Go through the day’s events and evaluate your responses and feelings. That will be a good start.

If you have your 10 Mantras, please share it with us. 



Vinutha Raju has over 18 years of experience in investments, financial research & analysis and worked as Vice President-Investments with a mid-sized private equity fund. She was on the board of directors in the invested companies. She is a member of board of studies for setting  of syllabi for finanace courses in MBA colleges. She has a...