Mall Mania

 | October 13,2010 02:06 pm IST

What with the malls sprawling up on the roadsides in the city of Gurgaon, the mall constitution has to be done up in order to keep up with the ever increasing competition. First of all there is nothing to be left from the hygiene factors' list.

If these are not taken care of, the customers will just not enter your mall. Some of these factors are as following: -


1- A Good Anchor: Almost always and at least for the generation of initial footfalls, the anchor store comes in handy. Take Sahara Mall for example, the biggest crowd puller there being the Big Bazaar. The anchor store also communicates the positioning of the mall. So if you believe in "value for money" and would pack up your shopping spree with a good healthy Indian meal at Haldiram's, then Sahara is the right choice.


2- A Kids' Center: Young mothers who have just stepped into the bandwagon of "Indian Consumerism" wouldn't like to divide their attention between the various flashy brands, stores on one hand and her kid on the other. Preferably it should be a set up where caretakers are present. Mothers won't trust mattresses and soft swings without a human face available. They are ready to pay for it.


3- Food Courts: People are spending larger chunks of time in the malls. So they are likely to get hungry as well. Families who come for a real shopping experience necessarily look for wholesome eating experience as well. This can be provided by not one particular kind of cuisine but one which can satisfy many a taste bug. A good example is the food court in the Metro City mall on MG Road in Gurgaon.


4- Multiplex: Not because everybody who enters comes for a movie but for the fact that your prospective customers might be shopping in a mall with a multiplex housed in it, right after watching a show.


5- Disciplined Parking: It goes without saying that majority of the footfalls in any shopping mall belongs to the "own vehicle" category. Visitors expect guidance inside the parking and speedy acceptance of payment and verification.


The above were factors which are a necessary evil for all the malls now.

Over and above these factors the following might help get the malls score an edge above the clutter. The motivators are as the following: -


1- Valet Parking: Nothing at all should lead to exit of a prospective footfall. So better still give him comfort from the moment he/she enters the premises. Given the conditions of Delhi-Gurgaon traffic, they would love someone to spare them the misery of parking the car, taking the slip and paying for it.


2- Centralised Mall Administration: Such a move should provide for an office inside the mall premises where the customers can avail the following services: -

- Lost and Found

- Announcements for lost children or relatives

- Baby Carts

- Common Shopping Carts

- Complaints

- Lockers for the visitors 

3- Sticky Tools: These are facilities which encourage the customers to sit and while away time inside the mall and leads to greater conversions of footfalls into sales. The malls should provide for free sitting area so that each time the visitor is tired after shopping he/she doesn't necessary spend money to sit inside a food parlour and take rest. Make sure the visitor doesn't leave the mall too soon.


The malls are surely housing the new and more stylish incarnations of the kapdewala, TV wala, chat wala and the works. Nonetheless, it has to be done in style, which meets the needs of the modern consumer. Otherwise even before the mall mania reaches a saturation point, the footfalls might be shying away for the most convenient form of shopping which is "FREE HOME DELIVERY".



Contributed by -
Shana Sood Kumar,
Research Analyst - APAC Software & Services,
Frost & Sullivan.