Worst Android smartphones ever

Editor - CoolAvenues | July 15,2013 12:55 pm IST

Mobile phone came to India in 1995 with minimal features and went on to experience whirlwind innovations and new features. The rising demand of these innovative phones in Indian market attracted phone manufacturers from all over the world to launch their products in India.

Today we have some of the best Android based phones selling in the market, which are hugely popular among the users. But there are some worst flops too in the range. Here’s the list:

HTC Evo 3D
The 3D experience was a row once upon a time, but it soon faded as many people did not want it on their smartphones. However, the 3D feature couldn’t be blamed for the device’s failure in the market. It was the battery problem that led to its dearth.


Samsung Dart
Obsolete features, shoddy camera and outdated hardware are enough reasons for buyers to stay away from this smartphone.

Today even ordinary phones are powered with dual core processor for decent performance. However, Samsung Dart is powered by a 600 MHz single core processor. Besides this, a 512 MB internal memory, 384 MB Ram and a 3.1 touch screen display are the turn-offs for gadget freaks.

Samsung Moment
The device features a 3.2 inch capacitive AMOLED screen and an unattractive keyboard. It has a 3.2 inch camera and sports an industrial look quite different from other handsets.

It has an 800 MHz processor running on a default build of Android 1.5 (Cup cake) OS that is little like a Linux install. The device is supported by a 1400 mAh battery, the other issues with the device are crashing randomly; dropping calls and data lock up issues that remain unsolved.

Samsung Droid Charge
The phone is larger in size making it discomfort in holding it. The device has a slow 1GHz processor. Accessing the camera software to shoot pictures or take a video is all handled on screen which makes spontaneous shots a little unwieldy.

Kyocera Echo
This Android based phone features a dual screen, but there are insufficient number of apps for the two screens. Simultasking doesn’t work too effectively and the merged screens have low aspect ratio. The processor is too slow.


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