12 tips to earn word-of-mouth publicity

Editor - CoolAvenues | June 26,2013 11:35 am IST

The most effective marketing tool is word-of-mouth publicity. However, it not easy to earn this kind of reputation with ones stakeholders that they would recommend you.

Whether you are a startup or a solo entrepreneur, you wish to increase your leads.

Here are some tips that would help you to get the word-of-moth referrals:

1. Thank You Gifts
Give away small token gifts to your contacts and they will be more likely to keep you in mind and recommend you to others.

2. Identify Your Ambassadors
Websites can encourage and equip their authors to share their work through social media channels and conduct contests that may help you get referral traffic.

3. Do Awesome Things
Do things that are different, that sets you apart from the crowd, and eventually you will earn the reputation that people would happily recommend you to other people. Produce, share and create awesome things that would draw people to share a word about you.

4. Set the Expectation
In your proposals, include a section that sets the right expectations for referrals to start. State that referrals are a clear part of your business model; to keep marketing expenses down and maintain affordable services, request the client introduce you to two referrals during or after your engagement. Being remarkable in whatever you do is certainly important!

5. Offer Incentives
Give away rewards and incentives to your customers to refer people to your site. Ever wondered why eCommerce websites give you free voucher worth thousands when you sign up? They ask you to allow access to your email contact list and most of us happily do that.

6. Ask for Them!
Ask your customers to recommend you on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. Ask you happy customers to refer your work; had they been happy with your work/product they would never mind sparing a few seconds to write a review. Do ask!

7. Build the Trust
Build trust on your clients and partners. Develop long-term relationship with them, as it help to generate a lasting influx of word-of-mouth referrals. Building trust with partners and clients will do more than any incentive program could ever do.

8. Stay in Touch
Out of sight is out of mind! Stay in touch with your clients. The more you stay in contact or the more your presence is visible, they are more likely to refer your name to others.

9. Don’t Be Afraid
If a client is happy about your work ask him to tell their friends and family about it. Ask them to spread a good word about you. Do not hesitate in asking, as a happy customer would never mind recommending you, especially if you ask them to do so.

10. Let the Work Speak
Do whatever it takes you to satisfy your clients. They will develop trust in you and see how passionate you are about your work. For instance, I’ll share a real life example with you that happened with me. I ordered a product on one of the leading eCommerce websites and the product when delivered to me was defective. I dropped an email to the website and wrote on its Facebook page, but even after a month long wait I didn’t get even a single response from the website. I would never return to that website for shopping. It lost a potential customer!

11. Are They Satisfied?
Measure customer satisfaction from time to time to make sure you are earning good reputation among your clients, which will eventually help you earn word-of-mouth publicity.

12. Feature Your Customers
Feature your customers on your website and social networking platforms. Conduct small interviews with them and they would certainly tell people about you.


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