Career Switchers & Enhancers: Turning in the MBA Direction

 | September 03,2010 03:32 pm IST

MBA students from countries around the world are starting to represent a wider range of education and career backgrounds than the traditional marketing, consulting, accounting, and banking professions. While of course a massive number of MBA candidates come from such backgrounds, the likes of doctors and lawyers are now turning to MBA education to venture beyond their core skill set.


Table 1 depicts the employment sectors in which MBA candidate respondents are currently employed.


Table 1: Current Employment Sectors of MBA Respondents - Worldwide (Expressed as Percentage) 

As reviewed in the  table, 18% of respondents to this survey listed 'other' as their current field of employment. What's interesting is that many professionals not conventionally grouped under the commerce field are taking up MBA studies. Some doctors and lawyers, for example, are now turning to business education to improve career prospects and propel them in a new direction.