Large number of Indian students left stranded as US University closed down

Editor - CoolAvenues | July 26,2013 11:04 am IST

 The academic career of a large number of Indian students have been jeopardized as the University of Northern Virginia has been ordered to shut down immediately..

The estate council of higher education for Virginia ordered on July 16 that the University of Northern Virginia, which claims to be the most popular American University for Indian students, "must cease operations immediately" as a post-secondary institution.

The university has a significant number of Indian students. The state council of higher education for Virginia has asked the students with F-1 visas to approach the department of homeland security with issues related to immigration and optional practical training.

The university has also been ordered to provide details on academic and financial records of the students.

The university has some 500 students pursuing different courses. Of these a significant number are from India.


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