Group Discussion Topic: Eye for an Eye Judgment

 | May 16,2011 12:18 pm IST

Two days back we all heard about a very bizarre judgment by an Iranian Court allowing 32 year old Ameneh Bahrami to inject acid to blind Majid Movahedi who had done almost the same act after she refused his marriage proposal in 2004.


The unusual judgment is a matter of debate since then.

If there are people in support of the judgment, number of people opposing it is even more. Many human rights forums, like Amnesty International came to Majid’s defense which forced Iran Court to postpone the Saturday blinding sentence. "Regardless of how horrific the crime suffered by Ameneh Bahrami, being blinded with acid is a cruel and inhuman punishment amounting to torture," an Amnesty International spokesman told the Daily Telegraph.


While majority of social groups and human rights activists are for Majid, a lot may people are with the judgment. “Throwing acid on a woman's face is an unpardonable act. Civil Society and court of justice can not ignore it. The role of punishment is also to deter the recurrence of crime. Simply a slap on the wrist will not prevent recurrence of such horrendous crime. The Punishment has to befit the magnitude of the crime. Therefore justice has been served,” says a TOI reader. Another reader says, “Such judgments will give such men something to think about!”


Under Iran's Islamic law, retribution is permitted in cases of bodily harm.


  1. Are you with the judgment by the Islamic Court or do you think is it as horrendous a crime as Majid did to Ameneh?
  2. Do you think Majid’s heinous crime is worth mercy?
  3. If yes, what should be an ideal punishment for such an act of crime?

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Neetu on 05/18/11 at 10:44 am

Iran court has done justice with Ameneh. Court has done tit for tat justice. For the people who do not think about humanity and do act such like this (throwing acid or any other criminal offense) should be punished in the same manner.

Now in Iran every person will think twice before doing any activity of crime.

There should be no mercy for this type of person in whole World.

cometenterpriseindia on 05/18/11 at 05:42 pm

Tit for tat it is justifiable eye for eye and hand for hand judgement --
Saudi Arabia has criminal rate in this world less than any country.