Group Discussion Topic: Portrayal of women in Indian media

 | March 06,2013 03:33 pm IST

A majority of people in our country believe that media, or to be specific Movies and television, is the mirror reflection of the society. But where in a civilized society are women depicted as a commodity or a sex object?


You name any movie of the current times and you will see women being depicted as a mere show piece—nudity in the name of creativity which actually sells.

Moreover, the daily soaps, TV commercials and even print media advertisements all show women in the same fashion. Therefore it is quiet arguable that media truly reflect the society or not.


The media today is only remotely linked with women’s concerns. It either depicts women as sex object or as home maker, who has to perform her duties 24X7 non-stop. More seemingly, she is reinforced to forget her comforts and to take care of her husband and children.


Do you think the portrayal of women in Indian media is justified?
Are women a mere commodity or a sex object?


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Ritu on 07/06/11 at 02:06 pm

the way women is being portrayed in the Indian media and films is very unfortunate. We live in a country where women were once worshiped, we worship goddesses who r females too. it is gud to learn nice things from other cultures but forgetting our own culture in the coarse is very inappreciable.

supriyasingh05 on 07/23/11 at 01:29 am

Such potrayal of women is really disappointing,there are many burning topics that should be looked upon by media men like female infoeticide,curroption,why films on such strong subjects are not made?probably b'coz indian men are more pleased by seeing a nude female.
some where problems lie with viewers too......

Rohan on 07/25/11 at 12:27 pm

Dear Supriya
Definitely problem lies with viewers as viewers are the final consumers of what is being presented by the media. But I strongly disagree with your point that "indian men are more pleased by seeing a nude female". Why you just named Indian you think the situation is better in other countries...well it is even is just that those countries have very strict laws to prevent crime against women.
Also the political condition of women in india is still US they chose a black (obama) to rule the country despite choosing a woman (ms clinton) to rule is needless to tell the political scenario in our country
Your views are welcome! :)

Guest on 10/10/11 at 03:05 pm

women has been a propaganda tool not only in india but in other countries as well. women has been used for glamour ,attraction to capture mass audience in the male dominated western countries,use of women as a substance to potray as sex symbol is far more than as compared to india,take any example like hollywood movies ,porn industries,media ,advertisements and every thing.the only difference is that we are just following west and we are still laging behind them.But,not in west there is simultaneously equal status for women,their the concern on girl child mortality,education to women and other social issues related to women are also vibrant as compared to india.if there is massive porn industry,then their are good movies patraying the strength and issues related to women,if their use of womens sex status is more then there is also strong women commission rights and other regulatory bodies