Group Discussion Topic: Prospects and Challenges of E-Learning in India

 | May 05,2011 11:44 am IST

Today’s topic of debate is ‘Prospects and Challenges of E-Learning in India.’


E-learning means all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching.

It is essentially the technology-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-learning applications and processes include Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom opportunities and digital collaboration.


Points you may consider:


1- Quality of education for all
2- Access to education for all
3- To develop every stage of a child’s life
4- Future students need to face a competitive world among the various professionals as E-learning is becoming popular in developed Western countries and among premier educational institutions in India.
1- Lack of infrastructural facilities
2- While technology offers a wide range of learning facilities, it presents a new set of challenges
3-Poverty is one of the biggest roadblocks for education in India.
4- Lack of awareness

E-learning, though becoming popular among organizations, is still lacking popularity at school level. Let’s get interactive, post your comments to debate on this issue.


Points to remember for participating in this discussion:
• Assume, you are one of the members of a real group discussion.
• Grab the opportunity to communicate your thoughts on topic mentioned above.
• Demonstrate your managerial skills, provide a solution
• Kindly refrain from posting derogatory comments






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Guest on 05/05/11 at 12:42 pm

E-learning has provided students with the facility to gain knowledge from around the world. But unfortunately in India, we have only limited resources for e-learning which is only limited to good and costly institutes and colleges. poor can not get benefit of this.

Guest on 05/09/11 at 11:59 am

E-learning is an execellent way where learning or studies can be made creative..and creativity adds in extra knowledge..but in India apart from finance being the major pothole other problems like lack of systematic appoarch.

spatal on 05/31/11 at 03:49 pm

It will take time for India’s purpose built e-learning infrastructure to get up to speed. In the meantime, there are many online learning and distance education resources that can be utilised right now for elearning from home or school. Many top American and European universities offers some free courses. There are a few good free sites as well. My cousin was a teacher in Africa for a couple of years and found useful for the students and even teachers to use on their own to help with their study and class preparation. The youth seemed to really respond to it as well.