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Editor - CoolAvenues | April 22,2013 01:02 pm IST

With the number of rape cases on the rise in nation's capital, Delhi is now being called the rape capital of India, ironically. Unfortunately, things haven't changed a bit even after December 16, 2012.

The attitude of police towards such cases, society, politicians, and above all - the male mentality, that consider women as objects. 


Police records show high incidence of crimes against women in India. The National Crime Records Bureau reported in 1998 that the growth rate of crimes against women would be higher than the population growth rate by 2010. Earlier, many cases were not registered with the police due to the social stigma attached to rape and molestation cases. Official statistics show that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of reported crimes against women. 

 Some of the common forms of crime against women in India are:
• Sexual Harassment
• Dowry
• Child Marriage
• Female infanticides and sex selective abortions
• Domestic Violence and
• Trafficking

Do you think women will ever have a fearless environment to live in?
What should be the ideal punishment for those involved in crime against women?

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simsinghal.9 on 06/21/11 at 03:20 pm

Hello frnds...I wud say its true tht the crimes on women is incrsing day by day.....whther for dowry system, Child marriage, sex selective abortions or Rape... For ex- If we talk abt U.P. recently in 48 hrs 5 girls has been raped..In 2009, 1757 rape cases and in 2010, 1290 rape cases....and in 2011 706 rape cases has been attmpted. This means on an avearge the has been approxmtly 114 rape cases every month in 2011...

If we talk abt Dowry...i wud lyk to mension an exmple- In indore a gurl got mrrd with an NRI in 2006....then aftr marriage her in-laws aggrieved on her just bcoz of dowry...It is not only the case...thr are several cases in every city in evry village of our country...We should abolish it ..

If we talk abt selective abortion...In indian there r still some people or some family who want a girl to give birth to only a boy..otherwise they kill to tht lady who hav given birth to a gurl....or they kill to new born girl...

So in every aspect we see...There are many instances of crime especially against women go unreported in India....So we should stop all these crimes.

neetu on 06/21/11 at 03:28 pm

The ideal punishment for the criminals(who have injured women) will be same as given in Iranian Court: Eye for an Eye Judgment

And for rapist only judgment is to be hang till death.

supriyasingh05 on 06/23/11 at 01:36 am

Ya,I too agree the number of crimes against women is soaring,and there is an urgent need to keep check on these,if not brought under control the conditions of women in india would be quiet similar to that of arab countries.
why women are not allowed to breathe in open air like a men,the unsafe environment for women in society is somewhere contributing towards unfair sex ratio.Even though number of literates in our country are increasing but ratio of educated to literate is declining.When will people realize their fault?
To keep check on crimes against women neither government nor police can play important role in completely eradicating it but it is our society that needs to change it thinking towards women.

Guest on 09/04/11 at 03:37 am

well if we really give it a thought then it is a real hard task to eradicate this social stigma all of a sudden,so i guess we should be bothered with what we actually can do.
and if you believe then there are actually loads of things that can be done be it having guts of course..girls you realy need to do this if a guy passes by you either touching you or passing on dirty comments then you have to be the one to stand up against them and protest..i hope you get it and yes of course why dont you girls enroll urselves up for some courses like judo,karate kind of stuff so that you can at least protect youself in suc situations...