Social Topics For Group Discussion

 | April 21,2013 02:26 pm IST has made a list of certain chosen topics which have been asked in GD interviews or have highly likelihood of being asked.

Go through each of these topics and think of pros and cons carefully before forming any opinions. We will be adding more and more topics in these pages.

Should Smoking be Banned Completely?
Effect of Television on Youth
Morals & Values among Indians is Degenerating
Should Dance Bars be banned?
Censorship in Movies & Our Culture
Worsening of Female to Male Ratio in India
Should FTV be banned?
Foreign Television Channels are Destroying Our Culture
Rapists should be given Death Sentence
With Media Publishing and Telecasting Trivia, Censorship is the Need of the Hour
Euthanasia: Is Mercy Killing Justified?
Beauty Contests Degrade Womanhood
Should there be Limits on Artistic Freedom (the Controversies on Movies like Water, Fire, etc.)?
Do Banning Girls' Entry into Pubs, Celebrating Valentine's Day, Holding Fashion Shows and -New Year Parties Save Our Culture?
The Impact of MTV on Our Psyche
Women are not fit for Defense Services
Women Empowerment - A Cause for Increasing Divorce Rate in India
Excessive Depiction of Sex and Violence in Films
Classical Music Heritage and the Growing Pop-Culture
Individual Freedom and Civil Society
Conventionalism and Modernity: The Ever-going Debate
Should there be a Restriction on Permissiveness Being propagated by the MTV Culture and -
Foreign Media
Arranged Marriages are better than Love Marriages
Should Prostitution be made Legal?
Do Celebrities have a Right to Privacy?
Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth
The De Vinci Code: Truth or Lies about Christ
Is Remixing Good Trend in Music?




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vivek on 05/07/11 at 12:33 pm

Thanks to provide social topics for group discussion.