Trending topic: Politics over Uttarakhand flood

Editor - CoolAvenues | July 02,2013 12:48 pm IST

There seems no end to politics over Uttarakhand flood. Earlier, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was criticized after reports of him rescuing 15,000 Gujaratis from the flood hit state.

Modi’s visit was followed by Rahul Gandhi’s visit even after home ministry’s appeal to the VVIPs to not to visit the state, as it hampers rescue operations. Congress claimed that Gandhi’s visit was a private affair and he did not visit the place as a VVIP.

However, these claims were later found to be inaccurate.

Now leaders of both the parties have taken to Twitter to play the blame game politics over Uttarakhand tragedy.

Unfortunately, the blame game politics does not seem to end. Don’t you think our politicians need to learn a lesson of modesty?

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