War is over, but the Battle is ON - Time to conquer GD/PI

 | January 30,2012 10:35 am IST

War is over but the Battle is still on. It is the time when lot of questions keep bugging us about the conversion of calls, performance in GD/PI/WAT/GE tasks given in different top colleges of the country, where to join for guidance on these rounds, where to browse online for some help on content etc.

This is not the stage when you should get panic or surround yourself with lot of dilemmas, rather this is the stage where the aspirant who can handle pressure well, can keep his cool and can manage things spontaneously will emerge as the winner. No doubt that getting calls from top B-Schools was a hard thing but the harder thing is left and which is to seal your seats in these B-Schools with a promising performance in second round.

Before getting into the depth of second phase of different B-Schools, here are few things which we all should remember while attending the second phase in any top B-School!

  1. Maintain a file/doc/notebook where you can maintain all the latest happenings you go through in news/newspapers so that you can refer to it at the time of GDPI.
  2. Introspect deeply well before the day of GDPI. It cannot be done in a day.
  3. Be positive and do not think about the result while answering questions or participating in GD. Just be natural and give your best shot.
  4. Know your strengths and weaknesses in and out.
  5. Explore how can you leverage your strengths as a manager and project it well in the GDPI round.
  6. Be well verse with your work experience achievements and graduation stream subjects.
  7. Attend training sessions from experts so that you can take feedback and improve continuously on your performance.
  8. Go through all latest economic affairs.
  9. Study about the college well, its strengths and profiles offered there by companies.
  10. Never get demotivated by what people around you say.
  11. Be firmly determined and remain in constant touch with people who have made it in past and try to learn from their experience.
  12. Enter in GD 4-5 times with genuine and unique points which were not put forward by anyone else.
  13. Try to bring in a new perspective in the discussion if it is going monotonous.
  14. Do not be in haste to start the GD unless you are very sure about the topic.
  15. Focus on dressing style, sitting etiquettes, soft skills and be precise in answers in PI.


Keep watching this space and I shall be back covering the details of top B-Schools of the country!

Feel free to post any query as the comment here till then and wish all good luck for second phase of admission to coveted B-Schools!