Book Review: Beyond the MBA Hype by Sameer Kamat

 | July 19,2012 04:45 pm IST


Beyond the MBA Hype, a guide to understanding and surviving B-Schools, is a handbook for Indian students who wish to apply for International MBA programmes. The parameters of selection by top Indian b-schools is quiet different from that of the eminent b-schools abroad.

This is where Sameer Kamats book comes at sake of MBA Aspirants who wish to pursue MBA abroad. The book talks about typical issues, challenges and confusions, that Indian student come across when applying for an international MBA programme.


The book tries to explain the nuances of b-school admissions and its working. The author has briefed the essentials needed to impress the admission committee and what things they look for in a student. The book also puts a light on necessary GMAT score required to get into the b-school of your choice. The essays, your communication skills, creativity and ability to do things differentlythe book has it all.

The book serves as an effective handbook of sorts to gear the candidate for b-school admissions and may be to a certain extent also gives hope for that entry into a B-School.


About the Author
Sameer Kamat is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball (, an admissions-consulting business that helps Indian candidates to get into top B-Schools across the world. An MBA from the University of Cambridge, Sameer is active on several online MBA discussion forums where he provides free advice to thousands of MBA aspirantss.