Brand to which you are attached does make a difference: Insights by TAPMI Student

 | September 17,2012 10:35 am IST

TAPMI, one of the fastest growing B-Schools in India, is a preferred choice among MBA aspirants throughout the country. In order to understand about its admission process and life at TAPMI, CoolAvenues spoke to Viraj Naik Bhatkar, PGDM - 2011-13 Student at TAPMI.

Here are the excerpts of the interview...


Can you tell us something about yourself and your pre-MBA qualifications and work-experience?
I am basically from Goa. I am B.E. electronics and telecommunications engineer from Goa University. I have worked as marketing executive in a small firm dealing in industrial products for 8 months and then around 16 months in Cognizant, Pune. 


Tell us something about your life before and beyond MBA.
Before MBA, I was working with Cognizant, Pune. Simultaneously, I was also preparing for CAT and GRE (as a back-up).


Which MBA Institutes and Programmes you identified for your MBA?
I had applied to TAPMI - PGDM, KJ Somaiya - Core PGDM, NMIMS - Core MBA, IFMR Chennai - MBA (PGDM), IMI Delhi - PGDM and PGDM (HR), SIBM Pune, SIBM Bangalore, LIBA Chennai and SCMHRD Pune (other than IIMs). 

So when did you decide to go for MBA and what was the driving force behind to take this decision?
I decided to prepare for MBA during last year of engineering. The driving force in going for MBA was long term goal of setting-up own venture.


How many years of experience do you have?
I have 24 months of Pre-MBA work experience


Tell us about the company you were employed in, your work profile, area of work (marketing, finance etc.)
After Engineering I worked with small firm in Goa as Marketing Executive, the job was sales of industrial power transmission products like v-belts,couplings, specialized welding electrodes.
After working there for 8 months I joined Congizant,Pune as software developer.


Do you feel that your work experience has helped you in getting through the college of your choice?
Yes, it does have. I was asked specifically in the interview about my work profile and company name. Also brand to which you are attached does make a difference in your selection.


Has it been helpful for you to understand the curriculum in a better way?
Yes, the curriculum could be understood in better way, but that only is narrowed down to area of experience, as MBA is a mix of finance, marketing etc. I knew basics of marketing so those particular subjects were not a problem but finance was no doubt difficult for me to understand initially.

Has your expectations being met by the curriculum or you feel it could have been better?
Yes, my expectations are no doubt met, I have gained basic knowledge about operating a business and how to optimize the operations for higher profitability and value.