Case Study, Interview tips by VGSoM IIT Kharagpur student

 | October 20,2011 04:07 pm IST

Having gone through the rigors of an MBA entrance exam the next challenging stage before actually grabbing your much coveted seat in a leading b-school is Group Discussion exercise and personal interview. However, some b-schools have replaced GD with case study process where candidates are put in a group.

The group is then given a case to discuss and suggest best possible solution. VGSoM IIT Kharagpur has case study process as one of the stages of admission process. Here are insights on case study and personal interview process by Shashwath R Rao, VGSoM IIT Kharagpur student.


The complete case study process was handled splendidly during my selection process at Bangalore.
The case study was something about a person who had done exceptionally well during his schooling and engineering days, and had found great difficulty in coping up with the heavy and tight schedule of an MBA curriculum. We had to discuss on the possible reasons that lead to him not doing his best and suggest solutions.

Each individual in the group (every group had 10 candidates), was given 2 mins to talk on the case. Then the case study was open for discussion for about 10-12 minutes.


I strongly feel that every candidate has to be given a chance to speak before being judged. Say, in a GD, dominated by a couple of candidates, who, inspite of not having valuable points, just speak to make an impression, could easily lead to a potential candidate being looked over!


Though such kind of process isn’t followed in many MBA colleges, it was a welcome move from VGSoM!

Interview-related Questions:

Q. How did you prepare for the interview?

Was technically quite sound! Had to work a lot to improve my knowledge on the events around the world and forming opinions. Apart from reading newpapers, attended a few mock interviews conducted by TIME, Mangalore.


Q. How many interview calls did you get and from which institutes? How many and which ones of these could you actually convert to a final call?
I had interview calls from DMS- IIT Delhi, IMT , SIIB and ofcourse, VGSoM- IIT Kharagpur.

Converted SIIB and VGSoM.


Q. Date and location of Interview. Were you given the option to choose the date and place for interview? Was the interview date fixed or re-scheduled couple of times? Was the interview venue changed or scheduled as per your convenience?

Date & Location: 15th March 2011 at IISc, Bangalore

The place was as per my convenience though the date wasn’t! Nope, it wasn’t changed and I didn’t want to change either!

VGSoM does entertain requests to change the place/date for GD/PI as per candidate’s convenience.


Q. Can you tell us about the panel that interviewed you?

Prof. Susmita Mukhopadyay, Ph.D, Calcutta University and Prof.Sinha, Ph.D, IIT Kgp, interviewed me at the Bangalore IISc campus.


Q. How long was your interview?

A good 10 mins


Q. What kind of questions were you asked? Were they specific to any particular area?

My interview started off with general questions including interests and background. I was asked quite a few technical questions regarding my branch, Electronics and Communication as well.


Q. What were the first question, the most interesting question, and the most difficult question?

First Question: Tell me something about you.
Most interesting and difficult question: Being an E&C engineering, tell me how submarines communicate among themselves. It isn’t sonar!


Q. While facing the panel, were you confident, did you feel prepared?

Yes, very confident! My preparation could have been a lot better though!


Q. Write a brief about your Interview experience.
My interview was quite cool and chilled out. I was eager to do well since the presentation before the GD/PI was excellent since it was presented by a faculty from VGSoM. Having done well in my case study before the interview, I was all the more confident! We were asked for an SOP during the application submission process and thus, the interview panel was quite aware of every candidate.


The first question was just an ice-breaker, as I was asked about my interests and hobbies. Prof.Sinha was keen on testing my technical skills and asked me a couple of questions related to my branch of engineering(Electronics & Communication). Having worked at an IT sector for about 2 years, I wasn’t quite prepared for questions related to Electronics!

Prof. Susmita did ask me a couple of questions on my SOP and I managed to answer them well!

The interview lasted around 10 mins and I guess any candidate with good communication and presentation skills would have done well!

Q. Was any feedback given to you? What feedback did you receive from the panel at the end of session?

No !


Q. How would you rate your performance in the Interview?

6 on 10


Q. Areas where you could have performed better in your interview?

Could have brushed through my technical basics a bit more. Also, a few more points on the current affairs including politics


Q. Give some handy tips regarding interview that would be of great help to MBA aspirants.

Apart from being confident, it is very important to be clear in your mind! Questions like “Why MBA” is quite commonly asked and a well prepared answer might not do the trick if it isn’t true and is just a write-up from the net! Very important to be updated with the current affairs, especially Indian politics. Also, was asked a lot about the Indian democracy and stuff during my IIT-Delhi interview which I thought was the toughest among all the other interviews.