CAT 2010 : IIM Rohtak issues Admission Policy 2011

 | January 12,2011 04:43 pm IST

IIM Rohtak has prepared the Admission policy for its 2nd PGP Batch (2011-13). The batch size for the upcoming batch is likely to be 120-130.


The basic objective of IIM Rohtak’s admission process is to identify meritorious candidates for admission under each category of admission, viz., General, OBC, SC, ST and PWD/DAP. While merit is the prime consideration, the Institute recognizes a possibility of skewed student structure in favour of male gender and engineering and related subjects at graduation in the normal course. Hence, it strives to ensure a better balance in opportunities among different subject streams and genders. It is also part of IIM Rohtak’s approach to duly recognize academic consistency and industrial experience.


The admission process of IIM-R consists of (a) CAT, (b) shortlisting for Personal Appearance (PA) process, (c) conducting the PA process composed of Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) as well as any other component to be decided, and (d) preparing the Final Selection List (FSL) based on CAT score, PA score and Work Experience (WE) score as assessed during the PA process.


A. Procedure for Shortlisting for Personal Appearance Process
Step 1: Based on CAT population averages of X, XII and Under-Graduate (UG) reported marks, minimum cut off marks for X, XII and UG are fixed. From candidates meeting such cut off marks criteria, only candidates with minimum CAT cut offs are considered for further processing.


Step 2: Weights of 8.0, 7.0 and 5.0 are assigned to X, XII and UG marks at and above the cut off marks. The weights are distributed over intervals of marks such that higher intervals get higher weight, with the exception that UG marks at and above the following category-wise level get a uniform highest weight: General 85%, OBC 85%, SC 80%, ST 80% and PWD/DAP 80%. Based on differences in the average graduation marks of different subject streams, an additional weight of 5.0 is assigned to candidates in UG streams of arts, humanities, commerce, management and social sciences. A weight of 10.0 is assigned to reported work experience of 12 months and above using intervals of experience in months such that 36-47 months of experience gets the highest weight while experience of 72 months and above is not considered for any weight. The remaining weight of 65.0 is assigned to CAT score in the following manner: Total Score 50.0, Verbal Section 10.0, Quantitative Section 5.0, and DI Section 0.


Step 3: Category-wise weighted index is computed for each candidate based on Step 2. Candidates above the following minimum cut off of the index for each category are considered further: General 65%, OBC 60%, SC 45%, ST 30% and PWD 45%. For candidates scoring above the cut off index score in each category, the following category-wise CAT Total Percentile cut off is considered: General 98, OBC 90, SC 80, ST 65 and PWD 80. In each category, only candidates above this cut off percentile are taken for shortlisting for the PA process. From the candidates meeting this criterion, a shortlist of top X based on the index score rank order is called in each category for the PA process.


B. Process of Preparing Final Selection List
Step 1: A weight of 50.0 is assigned to CAT Total Score. The following scores or weights are obtained during the PA process: GD and any other component that may be included 20, PI 20 and Work Experience (as assessed during Personal Appearance) 10. Minimum cut offs are applied to PA components as follows: GD (and any other component included): 4.0 and PI 4.0.


Step 2: On the basis of Step 1, an index score is computed category-wise for each candidate meeting the minimum cut off criteria. An index score rank order list is prepared and the top Y in each category are offered admission in the first round and the next Z are waitlisted.


Note: The actual category-wise details of X, Y and Z will be available after completion of the process of shortlisting/final selection.


C. Offer Acceptance Fee & Withdrawal
A candidate receiving admission offer from IIM Rohtak (IIM-R) and accepting the offer within the stipulated date needs to send along with Offer Acceptance (OA) an Offer Acceptance Fee (OAF) of Rs.50,000/-. A candidate can subsequently withdraw the OA within the withdrawal date specified in the Offer Letter (OL). In this case, OAF will be refunded after deducting 20% as processing fee. If a candidate registers for the programme, his/her OAF will be adjusted against Term I Fee. In the event of withdrawal from the Programme after registration, NO refund of OAF or Term Fee will be made.





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gaurav gujare on 01/11/12 at 01:09 pm

my percentile in cat'11 is 34.85 and total score is 126,my category is s.c so,would i eligible for any iim's and top b'school?,plz rely..

thanking you

Anugya on 01/11/12 at 01:26 pm

Hi Gaurav

Sorry to say but your score is not good to get a call from IIMs. I think at this score you won't get admission in any good b-school.

I would suggest you to prepare well and attempt CAT 2012.

Best of luck

adi on 01/11/12 at 03:21 pm

I scored 53 percentile in CAT 2011 and 93 percentile in MAT dec 2011.My total score is 150 in CAT and 695.5 in MAT.(appeared first time in both the tests)
So,in which colleges should i apply.please suggest some good colleges.

Anugya on 01/11/12 at 03:46 pm

Hi Adi

This is a good attempt for MAT but for CAT try harder.

With the MAT score 93 percentile you can get a call from these good b-schools accepting MAT scores

MS Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bangalore 680+
Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater NOIDA 680+
Amity Business School, Noida 680+
Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore 670+
New Delhi Institute of Management, Delhi 650+
Indian Institute of Finance, Delhi 650+
Indira Group of Institutes, Pune 650+
Indian Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur 650+

Harsha on 01/11/12 at 05:07 pm


I got 83.37 percentile. I belong to the general category, but am a female with non-engineering background..can I expect a call at least from IIM Udaipur?

Anugya on 01/11/12 at 05:21 pm

Hi Harsha

You can get a call from IIM Udaipur as their minimum cutoff for general category is 80 percentile.
You can check the admission policy of IIM Udaipur at this link

Shortlist for all New IIMs will be declared on IIM Ranchi website soon

List of leading b-schools apart from IIMs for 80-90 percentile

BIM, Trichy
FMS - BHU, Varanasi
FORE, Delhi
IFMR Chennai
IIFM, Bhopal
IMT Nagpur
KJ Somaiya, Mumbai
Nirma, Ahmedabad
TAPMI Manipal
UBS Chandigarh
Welingkar , Mumbai
XIME Bangalore

Best Of Luck...

Siddharth123 on 01/12/12 at 03:00 pm

Sir, I have got 87%le in cat'11 with 81 in QA-DI and 90 in VA-LR. I have recieved a call from IIMK. Which other IIMs (ofcourse new ones) shall I expect a call from, and which other institutes with good international exposure shall I apply to. Since IIMs have a history of granting admissions only to 95+ %lers, sir, I also want to know do they simply ignore the applications of 85-90%lers or do we do stand a chance?

Siddharth123 on 01/12/12 at 02:59 pm

Sir, I have got 87%le in cat'11 with 81 in QA-DI and 90 in VA-LR. I have recieved a call from IIMK. Which other IIMs (ofcourse new ones) shall I expect a call from, and which other institutes with good international exposure shall I apply to. Since IIMs have a history of granting admissions only to 95+ %lers, sir, I also want to know do they simply ignore the applications of 85-90%lers or do we do stand a chance?

gagandeep on 01/13/12 at 02:16 am

sir, i have get 93.17 in cat 2011. i have get 92 in qa-da n 89.97 in va-lr. i am belong to nc-obc .sir in 10th i scored 67.2 and in 12th 72.2%..can i have any chance to go in any iim?

ketan miglani on 01/17/12 at 06:33 pm

sir, i got 85% in cat , can eligible for iim rohtak.

ketan miglani on 01/17/12 at 06:36 pm

sir i got 85% in cat, can i eligible 4 iim rohtak.nd plz gve me detail for applyng in.

Asif Anwar on 01/18/12 at 07:09 pm

@Siddharth : Every IIM has an admission policy. Some follow strict cutoffs while others give weights to your profile and a cumulative score is calculated, based on which a list of top scorers is prepared. Since your score was not good to be in the top scorers considering both the cases (cat cutoff or cumulative score), you didnt get a call. Hope so it helps

@Gagandeep : Till now all IIMs has released their shortlist except IIM Indore. You can wait for their list to come

@Ketan : IIM Rohtak has already released their shortlist. You can check whether you are selected

mohit tiwari on 01/19/12 at 08:09 pm

i m currently in 11th
would i be eligible for appearing cat??