CAT 2010 is over, time to wisely opt and apply to the affiliated B-Schools

 | November 24,2010 06:04 pm IST

CAT-the mother of all MBA entrance tests in India is finally over. The prizes at stake now are the coveted seats of the IIM’s.

But since there are 2 lakh aspirants vying for some 2,000 odd IIM seats, only a few assiduous souls will be able to get those seats. This doesn’t mean that the scenario is entirely bleak for the rest of the aspirants who have toiled hard in preparing for the MBA entrance exams. There are a few other top institutes in our country which can be considered as good as or a notch lower than the level of IIM’s.


These non-IIM B-schools boast of a strong alumni network, a robust placement record, an erudite faculty set and thus attract the best of talent in the country. If an aspirant is able to secure a seat in any of these institutes he should be more than happy for his achievement.

Therefore, the students now must focus on properly appearing for the rest of the entrance tests like  XAT, SNAP etc and also applying wisely to the CAT affiliated B-schools whose deadlines are still there.

The dead lines for applying to many of the top B-schools are a few days away. But there is a small problem in the entire B-schools application process. The application fees for all these B-schools is high and varies from Rs 1000-2000. The aspirants have a limited budget for the application process and thus face a quandary over which B-schools to apply and which to leave. This predicament varies from aspirant to aspirant because of the different budget levels of different aspirants.

I would advice all aspirants to act smartly while choosing the B-schools to apply to .The repertoire of B-schools applied should have an eclectic mixture of different tier of B-schools. The B schools applied should cover an entire gamut of percentile range one is expected to score. This expected score can be gauged from the mock scores of exams of coaching institutes (generally CAT scores are +/- 15 of the mock scores) or by looking at the number of questions attempted and the expected accuracy. Such a combination of B-school applications would in turn diversify the risks which may arise because of the ambiguity related to online CAT or any other reason.

I have tried to suggest a list of top B-schools (form different percentile range) for aspirants .The list aims at reducing the dilemma faced the aspirants while applying to B-schools. The applicant should apply to at least 1-2 B-schools from each category. But the real onus is upon the aspirant himself to make a smart choice so that he lands up in an elite management school of the country.