CAT 2011 begins tomorrow: Beat the stress on D-day

 | October 21,2011 04:17 pm IST

So far you have spent enough of time attending classes, giving mocks, competing with fellow aspirants and spending sleepless nights with your nose digged in the books or with the fear of doing well in CAT haunting on you.


Well, its time to put an end to all the confusion, confrontation and worries and stay focused to the target.

CAT 2011 begins tomorrow, October 22. Some thousand aspirants will tomorrow put all their hard work to test. No wonder why a majority of CAT aspirants suffer from so called ‘CAT Scare’. The fear gets pronounced as the exam day approaches.


Stress is not just a deterrent—according to various studies conducted by psychoanalysts stress is not entirely bad, it has both positive and negative effects on us. This is why the leading b-schools are more interested in their perspective student’s ability to handle stress.


Managing Stress before and during CAT

Remember CAT is not just a test of questions on some topics, but a test to access your overall ability to become a good manager. A manager’s life is full of innumerous stressful situations, thus, it is elementary for a prospective manager to learn how to handle stress. Aspirants appearing for CAT shall now focus on handling stress effectively on the exam day. Here are some helpful tips:


The Day before the Test
Find out the exact location of the test Center to avoid any panic situation on the D-day.

Gather things you should carry to the exam hall. Prepare a check list to make sure that you are not missing an important thing. Avoid carrying things that are not allowed inside examination hall.

We would advice you in all good spirit to rest and relax now. Take a quick look at few basic formulae and word-list. Don't spend too much time cramming things.

Have a good night sleep before exam day, as you have to be charged with your energy levels at its peak.

The Day of the Examination

Try to get up a little early, so that you have ample time for your daily schedule and to reach the test centre on time.

Have a light meal before the exam - Even if you aren't hungry, do make it a point to eat something light - otherwise hunger, nervousness or even hypoglycemia could set in midway through the test.

During the Exam

Prioritize which questions you shall be attempting first. Be very clear with your choice and do not waiste much time on a single question.

Skip immediately to another question if you are not able to solve the question. Remember to mark review a question you think you have answered incorrectly.


DO keep track of time and practice efficient time-management skills - Don't sacrifice valuable time on less-demanding areas or on single questions. Recognize what sections or questions will be most time-consuming and plan accordingly.


Keep a positive attitude - If you are feeling stressed, close your eyes and focus on your breath for a few seconds. Take a few slow, deep breaths.


Some stress during a tough exam like CAT is quiet obvious. Remember dealing with this stress is an important parameter of testing you by leading b-schools.