CAT 2011 Preparation Calendar

 | May 11,2011 05:57 pm IST

Are you planning to appear for CAT 2011? Are you tired searching search engines for tips to prepare for CAT 2011? Your search ends here!


With just 5-6 months left, brings to you CAT 2011 preparation calendar.

The calendar, prepared by IIM alumni, will help you chalk out your preparation strategy.


It is good to start early—in the month of December, January, but its better late than never.


Beginning to prepare for CAT in the month of May would be a late start, still if you plan out your preparations, devoting more hours, taking mock CATs etc, you may still succeed in cracking it.


May - June
Get on the fundamentals of Quant, DI and VA. Start working on your vocabulary and RC section as this requires a lot of practice and need continuous effort over a period of time. Reading newspapers and magazines one hour daily will help you master RC and increase your general knowledge. Try to read as much as you can from various sources on different subjects. Keep a dictionary handy and consult it whenever required, keep a diary of new words you come across.


Start working on fundamentals for mathematics and on topics where you consider yourself as weak. Multiplication of numbers till 35*35 should be remembered. Squares and cubes of numbers till 25 should be remembered. Pythagoras triplets with any all the arms less than 200 should be remembered. Start working on mental calculations with percentages, fractions etc. in your spare time.


Devote at least 1 hour daily for Data Interpretation and Data sufficiency and Logical Reasoning and Verbal reasoning, individually. Remember you are laying foundation of the road to CAT 2011…


July - August
Brush up on the fundamentals and start taking a couple of tests, just to get a feel of it.

Take a few sectional tests, by this time your basic quants and DI fundas should be clear. Try learning and practicing a few tricks. In VA, by this time you should have a hang of the word lists; remember word list is a never ending thing and continues till CAT. Ensure that your reading speed has improved to a desired level by his time.


Practice Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Set theory, Probability, and remaining part of QA as much as you can. Try religiously devoting 2 hours daily on weekdays and 3- 4 hours on weekends.


Take at least one sectional test daily to improve your speed on individual sections. You may take more sectional tests for sections you consider yourself weak. This will help you gain confidence on your weaker areas.

Take Full time Mock test thrice a week. You should be comfortably able to take 25 full time tests before CAT starts. Stick religiously to the time allotted for each section. Taking more mocks will help you to plan out your move on the day of CAT 2011. Build your strategy for the D-day.


Take mocks CATs by IMS, Career Launcher, TIME, MBAguru etc, as this will help you judge yourself in competence with other CAT aspirants.


After each section test and Full time test you must go back and solve the questions which you could not solve during the given time and the ones that you did not solve correctly. Spend 2 hours on analysis after each mock.


Plan out well…remember the bottom line, “Before success, there are challenges, mistakes and even failures. There are no shortcuts to success but hard work, patience and persistence pays.”


Good Luck!!!


If you are seeking an expert’s guidance in preparing for CAT 2011, kindly drop us an email at





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The plan seems absolutely good...

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Can i prepare for cat from college. My has been completed.