CAT 2011 Results: Psychometric Scoring explained

 | January 11,2012 01:51 pm IST

CAT 2011 Result is finally out of the bag. The psychometric scoring has always been a matter of confusion within CAT aspirants.

The official CAT testing agency, Prometric employs an industry-standard, psychometrically-sound approach to the scoring process for all IIM candidates. The three-step process is simplified here.

Step 1: Raw Score is Calculated
The raw scores are calculated for each section based on the number of questions answered correctly, incorrectly, or the ones omitted.

Each correct response gets +3 points, while -1 is given for every incorrect response. And obviously, you get a duck (zero) for questions omitted.

The step one of the scoring methodology is to ensure candidates only get points for what they know and deducting points for inappropriate random guessing. This standard process of scoring used in similar admissions tests such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Step 2: Raw Score is “Equated”
The second step involves a statistical process called equating. It is used to adjust scores on two or more alternate forms of an assessment so that the scores may be used interchangeably.

Industry standard processes were used for equating, such as those outlined within the ETS Standards for Quality and Fairness.

Step3: Equated Raw Score is “Scaled”
The third step is to ensure appropriate interpretation of an equated raw score, the scores must be placed on a common scale or metric. A linear transformation is used for this scaling process, which is an industry standard practice (Kolen & Brennan, 2004).

The IIM scaling model is as follows:
Section Scores = 0 to 225
Total Exam Score = 0 to 450

Three scaled scores are presented for each candidate: an overall scaled score and two separate scaled scores for each section. As the two sections evaluate two distinct sets of knowledge and skills, scores may not correlate across sections. A high score in one section does not guarantee a high score in another section. Percentile rankings are provided for each individual section as well as for the overall exam score.