CAT 2011 Results: What next

 | January 11,2012 02:25 pm IST

CAT 2011 Result is out now. The way ahead for some thousand aspirants shall become clear by end of day, today or tomorrow, with IIMs declaring their first shortlist for further admission process.

While others might still be hovering with a decent CAT 2011 score in hand having no idea about which b-schools they can apply to.


Way ahead for 98+ percentilers
Congrats, you have great chances of getting a call from IIMs.


Your chances of getting a call from new IIMs is quiet certain. You may also expect a call from the leading ones in this slot- IIM A, B, C, L, depending on your score, academic performance, work experience etc.


This is the right time when you should start preparing for further admission process—Written Assessment Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI).


Written Assessment Test guidelines by IIM Ranchi students 


If you have scored less than 98, you still have a good chance of making it to the top 50 b-schools in the country.


With a decent score in hand you should precisely decide on which b-schools to apply. Consider factors like specialisation, faculty, research, etc before deciding a B-school.


Way ahead for 80 – 90 percentiles

While your score might not fetch a call you a call from IIM, you still have good chances of making it to a good b-school, which can be promising in terms of return on investment.


Take a final call only after doing a thorough research. Wait for other entrance exam results that you have appeared for.


Make an informed decision after taking into consideration all the possibilities available in your pursuit.


Have you any query related to CAT 2011 Result or admissions at leading B-Schools. Feel free to ask. 



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Jaiganesh on 01/11/12 at 09:39 pm

I got 88.61 percentile OA and 88.05 in QA and 84.71 in VA . I have not applied for any institutes as of now. Please tell me where can i apply . And please tell me from which IIT can i get a call i if i apply . And can you provide me with details about the new course in Great Lakes Institute for freshers .

Guest on 01/12/12 at 12:46 pm

Hi Jaiganesh,

no worries, there are many reputed colleges with good placement and highly qualified faculties even faculties from IIM's. Like:
Nirma, Ahmedabad;
IBS, Hyderabad
BIM, Trichy
FMS - BHU, Varanasi
FORE, Delhi
IFMR Chennai
IIFM, Bhopal
IMT Nagpur
KJ Somaiya, Mumbai
IBS, Mumbai
TAPMI Manipal
UBS Chandigarh
Welingkar , Mumbai
XIME Bangalore

So you can also apply on the basis of your CAT Score.

Wishing you All the best!!! And a great time ahead!!

Pratik Vyas
+91 9426507135

Parus on 01/12/12 at 09:03 pm

I scored 80.3 percentile... is der any chance of getting into a good B-school?

Prateek Rastogi on 01/14/12 at 09:40 pm

hello parus,
go though these links very helpful and any further help for specific colleges please feel free to ask


Guest on 01/12/12 at 11:06 pm

QA- 98.86
VA- 88.24
OA- 97.95

Any chance of IIM Calls ??

Jaiganesh on 01/12/12 at 11:27 pm

Can you please tell me about expected cutoff's for IIT's?

Prateek Rastogi on 01/14/12 at 09:38 pm

hello Jaiganesh,
go though these links very helpful


Prateek Rastogi on 01/14/12 at 09:26 pm

Hello Jaiganesh,

I think you can go through this link i hope it will solve your problem.

Prateek Rastogi on 01/14/12 at 09:30 pm

Hello Parus,

Yes you have a good score with which you can apply to many colleges,

i recommend you should go to these pages to get better information it will help you identify the colleges for yourself....and yes for any further help for any specific colleges please ask

Christ University