CAT Preparation tips by IIM K Student

 | September 29,2011 02:29 pm IST

Cracking MBA entrance exams is no joke. One has to prepare religiously to make it to the best b-schools in India.

As a part of the MBA Insider series, CoolAvenues decided to speak to Amarendra Kumar Gorai, a PGDM batch of 2010-12 student at IIM K, regarding his CAT preparations.


Q. How did you kick start your preparations for getting into the B-school of your choice?

I knew that a few months of dedicated preparation would suffice in helping me get in a good B-School. I started by giving sample mock tests online in MBA sites to estimate my level and move forward accordingly.


Q. When did you start your preparation? Did you plan before hand about your preparations?
I started 4 months in advance. No, there was no planning before hand.


Q. How many hours daily did you devote for preparation of entrance exams?

2-3 hours for the first 2 months and 3-5 hours for the last 2 months.


Q. Did you take up some coaching?
I joined Career Launcher in Guragon


Q. What was your experience with CL?
Great faculty, class exercises and coaching materials

Q. Which books you used for preparing for CAT?
I didn’t use any other books except the coaching materials. Doing one book thoroughly is more than enough to crack CAT.


Q. What were your strongest and your weakest areas while preparing for MBA?

Strongest – DI, Numbers, Algebra
Weak – Permutations and Combinations


Q. What helped you master Quantitative Aptitude, Reading Comprehension, etc.?

Practise and analyzing mock tests


Q. How did you manage to prepare for test while working full time?

I made sure that I spend just a couple of hours everyday after coming back from work.


Q. What procedures your school has for admission to its MBA program?
During my admission process, CAT-> Essay Writing -> GD -> Interview


Q. What is the range of score your B-school accepts?
90+ percentile

Q. What was your score?
98.14 Percentile


Q. Give some handy tips regarding the MBA written tests that would be of great help to MBA aspirants.
Practice mock test and analyze them diligently. They will help you understand your weaknesses, increase speed and fine-tune your strategy





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