Choosing the Right B-School

 | April 10,2010 01:50 pm IST

The ticket to IIMs, CAT, has already shown its colour on Nov. 21, 2004, shattering the dreams for some while strengthening the hopes for others for the elite B-schools.

Since IIMs are one of the most reputed B-schools in India, and after CAT, students are in a dilemma to choose the other good B-schools. The million $ question is how to do it???


There are 1000-plus B-schools in India and half a dozen rankings to boot; notwithstanding the numerous claims & counter-claims in the print and/or electronic media. All of these seem to be true at first sight but it really is a Hobson's choice to decide which one to select & which one to prune from the wannabe list.


Following is an exhaustive list of governing parameters in order of importance for a student to decide the B-school best suited to his/her interests & competence. The governing parameters have been grouped as PRIMARY and SECONDARY:

Primary Parameters

1.Industry Interface
2.Pedagogy & Strength of course
4.Alumni Strength
5.Specialized B-schools
8.Research Excellence Vs Academic Excellence


Secondary Parameters

1.Degree Vs Diploma
2.Boarding Vs Day School Programme
3.Global affiliations and accreditations
4.Fee Structure
6.Timing of entrance examination



Industry Interface
The interface that the B-school has in terms of quality of the companies visiting the campus, the quality of projects, guest lectures, visiting faculty gives an idea of the kind of rapport the institute has built up for itself in the industry. This strong linkage is developed and maintained by both the Training & Placement Department along with the active participation of the students. The data about companies visiting the campuses for summers or other contact programmes is available in the curriculum details.


Pedagogy & Strength of course
Some courses have become synonymous with the very best in the world. For instance IIM-A started with the active participation of Harvard & the IIT-Bombay has incorporated the course of Sloan School of Management. Not just the course but the unique pedagogy through which the course is administered also plays a very important part in the development of the future manager. Like IIM-A administers most of the part through case-studies whereas experiential learning is the norm at FMS, Delhi.


The vision and excellence of the faculty not just in terms of academic qualification but also in researches carried out, papers published, projects undertaken, and the first hand experience of the practicability of solutions juxtaposed with the experience of having done the real thing through the students makes for real learning. These details can be readily sourced from the website and/or the brochure of the institute. While considering Faculty, one has to look for the number of permanent faculty, the experience of faculty and their business knowledge.


Alumni Strength
The position occupied in the echelons of management in the corporate world by the alumni gives an ample evidence of the locus standi of the school. This goodwill or confidence gets translated into better placements. One can get a general idea based on years of establishment. Generally, the older the school the larger & probably the more distinguished is its alumni strength. The information about alumni is readily available on the web sites, brochure or generally in the alumni databases managed by al coms (alumni committees).




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Soma Sengupta on 07/16/10 at 09:51 pm

Doesn;t the reputation/ranking matter a lot? Would that influence employment opportunities?