Duologue with JBIMS student on the life at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies, Mumbai

 | September 16,2010 05:07 pm IST

Prasad Sawant, a student of  Masters of Management Studies ( batch 2009-2011) at JBIMS gives an insight into life at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies, Mumbai. 



Were you able to get the school of your choice or did you compromise and opted for the best option that was open/available to you?
Ans. Yes. JBIMS was the best option available.


Q. Did work experience help in getting the choice of your school and also in dealing with the curriculum?
Ans. I don't think so. It is clear from the number of freshers in B-schools.


Q. After joining the school, did you ever wish that you should have known certain more things about the school before you became part of it? What are these?
Ans. Nothing as such.


Q. What is the toughest area to handle in your studies?
Ans. One needs to take care of a lot of subjects at the same time. So time management becomes crucial area.


Q. Which one is your best subject?
Ans. I try to perform equally in all subjects. I like Financial Management, Economics and Human Resource Management.


Q. Is there stress level during studies?
Ans. Yes. A lot of stress, but it can be termed as serious fun.


Q. Who is the best faculty at your B-school?
Ans. It is really difficult to differentiate among faculties. They all are excellent in what they teach.


Q. What's the best and most admirable feature of your institute?
Ans. Our Institute is student driven and students do a lot of activities. Apart from excellent faculty, Student quality is the most admirable feature.

Q. Scope of development in your existing curriculum.
Ans. Total Case study based approach can be implemented.


Q. Getting into and sailing through a B-school is easier for a Science graduate than for someone from Humanities background. Your comments, please.
Ans. Past educational background has no relation with this. Its aptitude and attitude that matters the most.


Q. Tips for those who wish to do MBA from your school.
Ans. Solve as many mocks as possible prior to CET. Read a lot and read widely. Build your aptitude and business acumen.