English Grammar : Interrogative clauses used as subjects or objects in sentences

S.N. Singh | March 28,2013 04:01 pm IST

In sentences if interrogative clauses are used as subects or objects, conjunctions ‘if/whether’(yes/no type) and ‘what/where/when/how/how much/etc.’ are used and the clauses are transformed into assertive clauses/sentences.


1. The Principal wants to know how many students often remain absent from their classes.

2. I don’t understand why the villagers blame the Government for all their failures.

3. Please tell me whether you know(‘Do you know—–?) anything about this case.

4. What some leaders say and what they do, does not have any authenticity.

5. What you promise me and how you promise me and why you promise me does not convince me.


N.B. The same interrogative words work as conjunctions and in ‘yes/no’ type of interrogative sentences the word’whether’ works as a conjunction.  


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