Helpful Tips for a Smooth CAT 2013 Experience

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Pre-CAT preparation

Preparatory tools in the form of a practice test, videos and other information are available on the CAT website.
All candidates are encouraged to take the practice and familiarise themselves with the exam screen layout, navigation tools like “Next”, “Previous”, “Mark” etc.

, review screen and on-screen timer. This would also enable them to understand the concept of the timed sections and alleviate apprehension they may have regarding the test format.

It is advisable for candidates to check their test centre location, travel time and traffic conditions in advance, and plan their travel accordingly. A map with travel directions is available for all test centres on the CAT website,

Candidates should have all of their documents in place days before the test day to avoid any last-minute stress, including Admit Cards for CAT 2013, and valid and original photo identification. SC/ST and DA candidates should bring supporting documents.

For a list of acceptable forms of photo identification, visit the CAT website,

Prometric may also send important updates via email and/or SMS so candidates should check their email account and phone regularly.

What to expect at the test centre

Candidates are expected to arrive at their scheduled test centre at least 1.5-hour before their scheduled test time.

Only registered CAT 2013 candidates will be allowed inside the test centre.

Candidates must present their Admit Card and photo identification and carry them at all times.

Candidates will not be allowed to take the test if either of these is not presented.

Apart from Admit Cards, photo identification, SC/ST and DA documents, nothing will be allowed inside the actual testing room.
Candidates will be required to store small personal belongings in a plastic bag provided, away from the testing area. They should not bring bags, valuables and large items to the test centre as Prometric will not be able to store these.

As part of the biometric check-in process, a candidate‟s digital image as well as fingerprint will be captured. This will allow the IIMs to verify a candidate‟s identity during any follow-up interviews.

Once the check-in process is completed, candidates will be escorted to their assigned seats. There could be some waiting time before the test starts to allow for all candidates to be checked in.

For the full test day procedure, a video is available from the CAT website,

Taking the CAT 2013

Prior to the commencement of the actual test, there will be a 15-minute tutorial that candidates are advised to go through.

All candidates will be provided with scratch paper, pencils and an eraser for use during the test.

After reading and accepting the non-disclosure agreement, the test will begin.

All candidates will first be presented with the section on Quantitative Ability (QA) & Data Interpretation (DI).

A countdown timer set at 1 hour 10 minutes (i.e. 70 minutes) will appear on the top-right corner of every screen. Candidates can navigate within this section using the “Next”, „Previous” and “Review” buttons. Since the two sections are separately timed, test takers can focus all their energies on one section at a time.

Once the time ends for the first section, candidates will no longer be able to go back to it.

The second section on Verbal Ability (VA) and Logical Reasoning (LR) will then begin, with a fresh timer counting down once again from 1 hour 10 minutes. Security is taken very seriously at Prometric.

The security measures in place for CAT protect candidates by ensuring genuine and legitimate scores are used to select students for placement into IIM and other B-School programmes. All testing areas will be audio and video recorded and any suspicious or disruptive behaviour could lead to a candidate‟s test being invalidated by the IIMs.

For any issues during the test, candidates may raise their hand to notify a test centre administrator. A technician will also be on stand-by at every location. Candidates are reminded that they are bound by the Non-Disclosure Agreement and should not be discussing the questions post the examination.

All registered candidates will get to test

Prometric has taken all the necessary preparations to ensure CAT 2013 candidates have smooth testing experiences. All test centres have been quarantined prior to the start of the testing window to allow Prometric to prepare and test all the equipment that is being used for CAT.

In the unlikely event of a technical issue, candidates are requested to remain calm and immediately alert a test centre administrator. All test centre staff has been fully trained and certified, and are well equipped to assist candidates during the test. Excess capacity has been built in to all locations for unforeseen technical issues that cannot be resolved by on-site technicians. In case a new terminal is assigned to a candidate, the test will resume from the point it was last left so the candidate will not lose any testing time.

Prometric remains committed to providing the best possible testing experience and that all registered candidates get to test within this year‟s testing window.

Candidates should not forget to check their emails and the CAT website regularly for all important updates.

Checklist for a smooth experience

Carry the right documents – latest Admit Card, original and valid identification, SC/ST and DA support documents.


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